Yukon Outfitters Packs

I recently picked up the OD Overwatch bag and I have to say it’s awesome. Plenty of room for a larger laptop with room to store all your accessoires. The one issue I have is that you can not take off the two over pocket bags clips on the outside they are sewn in.

The other issue is it glows like the face of the sun under IR.

If there was a black one, I would get it.

Same. My organization only allows solid blue or black backpacks on the premises. No logos, patterns, or colors.

I did get a black Alpha backpack with the Yukon Outfitters survival kit that Woot had up in January. So there is a black version of these bags out there. Keep an eye out, the black versions will likely pop up for sale on Woot! again.

Just got the Bugout bag. Best bugout bag for the price, IMHO.

i love all of the yukon stuff, I’ve picked up 6 or 7 of their bags here and am not disappointed with the construction or design.

Purchased a green one , used it as a diaper bag. Never kept much in it, but had Straps pulled out within a few weeks of using it. For the price, wasn’t the greatest quality. Really like it as a diaper bag and contacted the company. Still in a go around with them about getting the bag replaced.

Thanks for your post! Check your messages, we sent you a PM so that we can go ahead and proceed with your replacement.


Yukon Outfitters

I already had Yukons bug out bag, and the 3 day pack.
Today the Alpha bag arrived and it’s already my favorite!

The bug out seemed the lightest duty of the 3
& didn’t do well as an every day bag (20-30 lbs, notebook, small tool wrap & lunch)
One of the shoulder strap anchor points tore out of the seem after a few weeks.

The 3 day pack was much more rugged even with the internal frame & belt strap removed
its been my workbag since October with no issues at all.

I’m giving the Alpha bag a shot now,
The pocket layout and slightly smaller overall size should be better for my uses,
and its construction seems about as good as the Yukon 3 day bag.

So far it’s much more comfortable to carry.

I ordered Coyote Foliage, but they shipped me the green colored bag. The tag read “coyote foliage” though. I hate returning things so I guess this is close enough and I will keep it.

Hi Kimbee! Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

For the Yukon Tactical Alpha Bag In terms of size how does this bag compare to the 5.11 Rush 24 bag? Same amount of internal space?

Also, could I possibly fit a Yukon Tactical MG14262o Side Pack inside this Yukon Tactical Alpha Bag? When I travel I usually take a backpack that can fit a camera. I want to put my camera in a bag and then that bag in my bigger carry on backpack. I would use the smaller bag for short trips and the larger one when traveling for longer periods. Thanks!

I had a similar experience and assumed the color production of the nylon was way off but when I walked into a different room with a yellow light it turned coyote. Under white light the coyote looks foliage green. It still isn’t as light brown as the images.

I ordered a coyote pack yesterday and my order was changed to olive in their system. I contacted support and “Raheem” tells me there is nothing wrong. Confirmation email shows I ordered a coyote bag. Of course now it’s sold out.

You can fit the sidepack. If you mangle it good it should fit into the rear bladder section of the Alpha but I don’t know how good that would be for the Side Pack.

Another good fit would be their scout pack that folds up into one 6x3 pack with molle on it. http://yukon-outfitters.com/en/catalog/product/quick_scout_molle_pack_MG0061
It’s kinda like a jacket that can be stowed into a pocket. That would leave you with the most usable space in the Alpha while traveling.

Picked up a Range Bag and an Overwatch Sling. The Range bag is great. The Overwatch has some messed up stitching on the Y strap and the water bottle pouch wont open and close properly. Looks like I got a bad one. Emailed Yukon, but no response yet. Maybe they will respond here.

I just got my bag today and I gotta say, it’s awesome. My only gripe is the fact that the picture definitely does not match the color received. To the Yukon team, is this a normal thing? I watched the YouTube video you guys posted up about these and it does look different from what I received.

Yup i totally agree. My Coyote/Foliage bags are pretty much olive. I am not happy about this.

Am I hallucinating, or was there a different bag on this Woot a day or two ago? I watched a video for a bag that was more of a cross body hip height bag, and I don’t see it now.

If I’m trippin’, let me know.

You’re NOT trippin’, yo. There was a different sale on sport.woot a couple days ago. :slight_smile: