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How about getting Yukon Outfitters bigger packs on this sale!!

I’ve been eyeing the Tactical MG-5032 Overwatch Sling Pack for a while now. Debating with myself if I needed it or not, I decided to get it since it was worth thinking about so much. There are only a few reviews about it (from what I’ve seen it’s a good pack) and I’ll make a thorough written review once it comes in and I take it into the mountains.


Awesome, thanks for the support! Really looking forward to hearing your feedback. Any questions, concerns, ideas, or just want to drop a friendly line. Please feel free to contact us at customerservice@yukon-outfitters.com

Are these reversible/wearable on either side?

Can you link to the “these” you’re asking about? This thread is for all the items in the event.

I just got some Overwatch Sling Packs and Explorer Side Packs in and I’m happy with them. Universal holsters came with the Side Packs. They’re the type with the mag elastic holster and velcro pistol holster on the same 5-6in piece. Those universal units go for $12 on Amz. They fit the Sling Packs or any other gear you have that uses velcro holsters. I bought more velcro holsters for the Sling Packs which didn’t come with them. There is plenty of room for a velcro 3 mag holster and a universal+mag unit. So 4 mags and a loaded full size weapon and you still have all the other pockets available. I haven’t tried to see what hydration bladder and mag combination I can get in there. There is tons of room for whatever configuration you want.

I’m very satisfied with all my Yukon Outfitter/Tactical products. So far more than a dozen bags of different types and a shooting stick/monopod. No problems. I’ve read good things about warranty issues so I’m not concerned if any pop up.

Oops, sorry. Referring to the Yukon outfitters Side Packs, like this one:


It kinda looks like it might feel backwards if worn on the right side. But just to be sure, I’m checking withe our buyer. Check back for an update.

Just got this pack today. Was quite disappointed. First examination: there is a snap (a snap?) on the pocket that will be against your back. That snap was broken, and it looks like it is very cheaply made which would account for the condition. Then, I went to the Yukon Outfitters website, hoping to find out where the heck the “concealed carry” pocket is (I guess it’s that big pocket against your back, where whatever you are carrying will be against your back, as well as impossible to get to). I never did figure it out, since their website doesn’t have any tactical “sling pack” like this. Maybe someone can enlighten me.

Yukon left their contact info above: customerservice@yukon-outfitters.com


Please shoot us an email at customerservice@yukon-outfitters.com so that we can get that broken snap taken care of for you.

You are correct, the back pocket that the snap goes over is the concealed carry pocket. It may take some practice being able to quickly access it, but its also the hardest pocket for anyone else to get to, and the most discrete. At the end of the day, you’re wearing a bag that very few people would guess is concealing a firearm.

We look forward to getting your bag replaced! A Yukon rep has sent you a PM as well.

Yukon Outfitters

Watch the YouTube video. It shows a guy swinging it around to his chest with the pack in a horizontal position and then pulling from the pocket you were talking about. He’s just using the main strap, and I don’t know if it’s possible to do that maneuver with both straps attached.

Hi Snafu,

Thank you for the great pack description. We are here to serve you so let us know if we can help you with any other products

I received my OD Alpha Backpack and, unlike the pictures here, the Yukon logo and lettering is upside down and on the left side when looking at the backpack as worn. Perhaps something went wrong at the Peoples Backpack Factory #37 the day mine was made.

Hi There. PM sent to you

This is the second bag I have ordered from Woot and BOTH times they have sent the wrong color. They even have it mismarked! The tag says coyote but it is the green one. BOTH FRIGGIN TIMES this has happened. Whats up with this. Does Woot just decide to send out the color nobody is buying? And why the wrong tag?

This thread is for a sale from last year. Sorry you got the wrong bag, though. If you haven’t please email support@woot.com with your order issue and details.