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Ok seriously what is the problem here? I bought this bag last month for $44.99 I ordered the Coyote but when the package came it was actually a green bag with a coyote label. I get it. Not Woots fault. I reach out to CS and they say no problem send me a label to return the bag and say they will send a new one. I get the 2nd package and guess what. SAME DEAL a green bag with a “coyote” tag. I reach out yet again and get told eh… nothing we can do you can return it or get $5 refund. We don’t have the coyote color anymore. I take the refund and move on but then being the loyal wooter I am see the listing on the site for http://www.woot.com/offers/yukon-tactical-alpha-backpack-coyote-7?ref=cnt_wp_2_4 WTF guys?

Not much of a deal if they can’t fulfill the orders per the customers request. I’ve purchased 5 different types of bags and only one came in the color I ordered. Was waiting on the black 3 day pack but I get that elsewhere so that I know it will come in black and not olive drab.

Good to know i’m not alone! My brother ordered the coyote and green and they got it right. I knew i couldn’t be the only one with bad luck.

I ordered a Coyote bag last week and afterward Woot changed the webpage that was for the Coyote product and made it for the Olive Drab. My confirmation email had a Coyote bag listed. My “Stuff You Bought” page changed to Olive. They sent Olive.
I ordered another Coyote bag because I knew support wouldn’t get back to me before it was sold out despite notifying them within an hour of the order being mysteriously changed in their system. Two days later I get a reply that tells me nothing is wrong with my order. A few additional tries with support later I got some help.

That was my only issue with not getting the right color for 16 bags I’ve bought so far.

Note - The Coyote bag looks foliage green under white light. In sun light/yellow light it is Coyote brown. None of my Coyote brown bags from Yukon are the light brown shown in pictures. I thought I received the wrong color with my first Coyote Alpha pack. I have other FDE and desert brown items that don’t change color depending on light source. It isn’t that big of a deal for me but I can see how this would piss people off since there is a bit of a color discrepancy. People would reasonably expect the items they buy to look the way they do in marketing materials. I’m sure Yukon has to be aware of this issue by now.

I’ve learned buying on Woot requires patience.

@ Snafu77,

Good to see you on here again. Wow, 16 bags, you’re a bonafide Yukon Outfitter! We truly appreciate the support, and encourage you to send us a PM at anytime. We love getting feedback, hearing people’s stories, and thinking of new ways to make better gear at a great value.

You’re correct, we are aware of the color discrepancy with the Coyote/Foliage bag photos. We’re working with Woot’s photography team to reshoot these for a more accurate color tone.

If any customer has received something different than they’ve ordered, then please know we are here to work with you . We’ll help swap out for the exact style you want. Please send us a PM and/or contact us via customerservice@yukon-outfitters.com

Woot images of our Two Tone - Coyote/Foliage items come out to be a lighter more khaki color. Please reference the below photos for a more accurate impression of our Coyote/Foliage color tones shot in natural light. Hope this helps!

YO Alpha Backpack:

YO Bugout Bag:

YO Overwatch Slingpack:

Thanks for the support!

I think the seller has a responsibility to clearly highlight the size, as well as color, of the bags. For example, the “Mission Bag” is photographed and named to give the impression that it has adequate capacity to be widely useful in travel. Deep in materials is easily missed data that allow the conclusion that its capacity is actually less than a quarter cubic foot, about the size of a less useful shaving ‘dop kit’. Other descriptions seem to me to have a similar potential to mislead.

As simple a strategy as having an additional standard-sized item in the photo would quickly give a sense of scale for example.

How and why is the bug-out bag always instantly sold out? I really want to get one, but everytime it’s up here, it’s sold out.

@ jordonorr,

We’ve sent a PM to your account. Please contact us and we’ll do everything we can to make it right.

Woot is helping to reshoot the Coyote/Foliage style bags. Will provide updated photos soon and hope this helps clear things up. We appreciate your support and hope you still enjoy your new YO gear!

Any big guys have the alpha backpack? Do they fit well? I hate when backpacks sit too high. I have a few other Yukon bags I really like,and I absolutely love my range bag. But Im not too sure about buying a backpack without seeing it in person.

I always miss out on the Alpha bags. I swear these deals start as soon as I head off to work and the bags are sold out before I get a chance.

This is like the 4-5th time I’ve seen them and missed out.

I’m a big dude and they give you ample room with the straps. I can let the straps out and have it fit anywhere on my back. it obviously looks better when it is tightened and sits a bit higher but as far as comfort and ability go I can fit it on my 280 frame with out feeling awkward. I’ll try and snap a pic later.

Awesome, thanks a lot.

I’m actually starting to get rather angry that I cannot manage to buy one of those bugout bags at a Woot price. Every time I see a listing, those bags, if present, are sold out before I even see the page.


Regarding the Mission Bag, we have widely promoted this to be exactly what it is… a bag that can be attached to other packs via the MOLLE system so that the user can customize their gear for travel, work etc. Your suggestion to include everyday items in all pictures… especially from Yukon is something that we are going to implement going forward; especially to show the functionality of the bag and what it can carry or do…


We’ve got loads of the Bugout bags in stock on our Amazon store and website… so let us know if we can help you get fitted for one!

I bought the Overwatch sling pack before in Coyote/Foliage and I loved it so much I wanted to complete the set. I bought the Alpha Backpack in Coyote/Foliage and it was equally impressive. I bought a Bugout bag and a second overwatch in the same color and they came in a green tone. I returned them to Woot. I recently bought the Sling pack and another Overwatch sling pack. They also came in a green tone. Seriously Yukon Outfitters??? I have looked for the Sling pack and the Overwatch Sling pack AND the Bugout bag in other places in Coyote/Foliage with no luck. I LOOOVE the bags I already have but am losing my patience with Yukon Outfitters.

I hope that it is clear that users have serious time limitations on responding to offers on this site. This implies that each offer will be a first-time exposure to that vendor for many customers, and that we will not have the time to research what each vendor “widely promoted” in the past; rather each offer stands on its own for many.

Glad to hear it; depending on how it is done, that could well resolve the issue that I had

as well.

So I meant to order the tactical scout sling yesterday, but spaced it, and now they’re sold out. Were these a limited edition item or something? I can’t even find them on yukon-outfitters.com.