Yukon Outfitters Packs

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Yukon Outfitters Packs
Price: $29.99
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I picked up the over watch sling pack on the last sale. Not a bad pack, but a littler smaller than I expected, and it did not include the pictured bottle holder.

I grabbed an explorer pack recently and the build quality is impressive, it’s a bit smaller than i thought it would be (my own fault, i looked at the specs wrong) but no regrets it’s a great bag

Oh, my, Gawd, what is wrong with me. I already own practically every bag these people make. Now three more of these for me and the boys to fill with some light bug out essentials for the trunk.

I have a problem, someone help me stop!!!

I purchased an Overwatch Sling Pack in a previous sale here to replace my briefcase/laptop bag when I travel. The downside is, the bag barely fits my work laptop (Toshiba Tecra- 15.6" laptop)… but it fits. The upside is that I have a bag that is slim and easy to move around in. I like that the bag is not bulky when I move through crowds.

I put moving through crowds to the test this weekend at the local gun show. The ability to utilize the various pockets to securely stash my purchases and rotate the bag on my person to access different pockets/pouches came in handy. The bag was also very comfortable to wear for a few hours with a light to moderate load in it.

What are the benefits of using a backpack/sling with only one strap? Would seem it wouldn’t be able to manage/distribute weight very well.

You cannot cancel an order after placing it. They will charge you 15% for restocking it. This is rip off. Never buying any thing from woot.com.

That’s actually pretty common. Sometimes it’s a 10% restocking fee. Other than that though, very common.

As for me, sometimes I have to think about whether or not I need as opposed to just wanting something but, once I pull the trigger then I stick with my decision. If need be I can always re-sell it elsewhere.

You can self-cancel for the first 15 minutes via Order Details in Stuff You Bought.

After that, the order is released for processing and sent to the warehouse or vendor.

Maybe you should be sure you WANT to order before you hit the button! That way you wouldn’t have to spend all this time shifting the blame for YOUR mistake.

I bought one of these a few weeks ago when it was last listed.
I used it this past week while out hunting whitetail. I was very pleased with it. The pack had enough space for the gear I needed to carry on a walk through the game lands for a few hours. Much easier to carry than a traditional backpack. I liked not having a strap running over my shoulder, which otherwise interferes with shouldering your rifle. Having a smaller pack also forced me to travel a bit lighter, leaving behind a lot of gadgets I really didn’t need anyway.
Several small pockets insured that all my necessaries were easy to access, and not at the bottom of s deep backpack. Energy bars and 1st aid kit fit well in the front pocket.

I was not real impressed with the holster portion. No way you could easily and quickly draw with it, the shoulder strap is in the way. For carrying in the woods though, it was OK.

Well worth the $30.

Snagged the overwatch the last time it was on sale, and took it with me to Iceland for a 10 day trek through the wilderness. Here is my quick review:

  • Size and shape is pretty good, though not what I expected from a bag. The inside of the main pouch is juuuuuust big enough for a 15 inch macbook pro, but the main pouch is not very wide, so after fitting that and a power brick, it feels like it wont carry much else. This is a filthy lie, however, and in fact you can probably squeeze another laptop in if you absolutely needed to without straining.

  • the two outside pouches in front give plenty of space for accessories and the like, and are oriented so the bag can be used both vertically and horizontally without a lot of shifting or spillage. In the end, this bag probably doesnt have quite as much total space as other bags or backpacks, but it makes up for it in other ways.

  • The molle straps are everywhere on this thing. Should note that the bag itself did not come with any attachments or accessories, but a quick trip to amazon netted me a pouch for my passport and a few emergency supplies, a good size carrier for a thermos (if you’re in Iceland, try the lamb soup. Delicious, and keeps you super warm), and a flashlight holder for the front of the strap. Even added a few attachment straps to try and carry a small case for my dslr (my kingdom for a decent carry attachment for an slr with real molle straps).

*even with all the attachments, the bag felt balanced and didn’t shift on my back. The straps all cinched up and kept the bag tight enough on my back that I was able to run walk and climb and didn’t have to deal with having the bag fall all over the place, which is a first for sling bags for me. Never felt like the zippers or straps were going to budge on me once i got them properly tightened (be sure to check everything before you start weighing it down with gear, some of the straps came very loose or improperly attached) and I never felt like I had to glance back to see if I lost something.

All in all, Highly recommend this pack, especially if you like having a simple pack that you can add and remove to to make it your own.

Anyway, anyone have any comments on the Explorer Side Pack?

Can anyone vouch for whether one of the side bags would be decent for carrying a DSLR camera? It seems like a decent deal so I might pick one up anyway and find out for myself.

Take a look at http://sport.woot.com/forums/viewpost.aspx?postid=6202193&pageindex=2

Seems like the woot image should show the names of the bags. The order page is worse, just an image of the back of one of them.

Hi there. We have the photos in the same order as the drop-down list.

On a computer, there are captions for the photos but those don’t show up in the mobile apps yet. :frowning:

I have the Overwatch and ordered the Scout today. The bag doesn’t feel off balance and the weight feels more stable than expected. Especially with the half strap to keep everything in place.

As to the benefit, if you unclip the half strap you can swing the bag from back to front quickly and easily, to have access to the contents of the bag without having to take it off.