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Yukon Outfitters Packs
Price: $29.99
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Check out the product page for the Scout Sling Pack

I’ve been using my Explorer side pack lately for my personal bag on flights. Works great. My 7" tablet fits perfectly too.

I got the explorer side pack in black last time. I love it, but after only a couple weeks the outtermost big buckle just fell off while I was walking, didn’t notice it till later. I guess you are supposed to keep the buckle buckled while in motion, I had it open.

Anyone know where I could get a replacement buckle?

I’d suggest getting in touch with Yukon Outfitters directly. They can probably help.

The description on this page is actually the description for the Recon Commuter bag and NOT the Scout Sling Pack. I’ve emailed Yukon Outfitters about this month ago… I also was hoping to get the water bottle holder that comes with the Overwatch with my Scout.

Other than not coming with a water bottle carrier I am very happy with the Scout Sling Pack I ordered from a previous Woot sale. Perfect for a small EDC bag/man purse.

I have the Overland sling pack in grey and highly recommend it! It’s a very convenient size when I don’t want to take a regular size backpack. It holds a lot more then I thought and have been very happy with it; and actually, I’m thinking about ordering another one.

startlifeendlife, as for as the buckle, I would get in touch with Yukon I know they will take care of it. I had an issue with a backpack of theirs and they had me send it in and then replaced it with a brand new one, so I’m very pleased with their customer service and I’m sure you will be too!

I bought one of the sling packs here a while back. Very light use, mostly carrying pencils, notebooks, and my 3DS, but VERY occasionally (maybe twice since I’ve had it) my laptop squeezes into it, but it’s a very tight fit, so I don’t like carrying it in there.

I’ve been having trouble with the buckle strap suddenly unlatching and the pack just falls off of me. This past weekend, I started noticing lots of threads coming loose. Now there is a mysterious hole in the top of the bag that is not near any of the areas where there is normally stress on the fabric. I’ve gone through many backpacks, and this one, despite being my favorite in design, is the lowest quality pack I’ve carried since high school, and I’m 28 now.

They’re not bad, but if you’re looking for a rugged backpack, this one isn’t it. I guess I will have to break down and splurge on a Maxpedition to get what I really want.

I bought one. Once I got it I waited for the next sale and bought another. Now I have six…

I loved this backpack the first time I used it, then the next several uses I noticed the buckle was loose and discovered a hairline crack in the buckle’s receiving end. It was many months after purchase but only the 2nd or 3rd use so I never thought to reach out to Yukon but given the reports in this thread of them being helpful, I’ll try that and update if positive! It’s useless without that buckle… was going to attempt some kind of glue-fix but haven’t gotten around to it.

I’ve purchased several Yukon products and have not been disappointed. Their customer service really is excellent (I’m sure someone from their team will be on here later, addressing concerns & answering questions). I’ve never purchased bags or packs anywhere near this quality at this price. There are some comments about defects, Yukon is always great about taking care of this. While I don’t think I would carry one of these bags out into the wilderness for three months, they do a great job as my day-to-day carry, and some really imposing luggage (their bug-out bag).

I got the Overwatch Sling pack a few months back. The first thing I’ll say is that if you order the foliage/coyote color, it may not match the picture. The description even says: * Color can vary slightly from picture depending on dye lot

So if color is a huge deal, maybe try a different color or pass on this one. FYI, the tag said coyote/foliage and the picture on the tag matched the picture here. The actual color of the product; however, was no where near close. It’s kind of hard to describe, it is kind of a grey/olive drab depending on the lighting. The straps and the bag are the exact same color as well. For me, the color was good for my intended uses (mostly being out in the woods).
Even with the color not matching, I highly recommend this bag, I have been using the heck out of mine since I got it, and it is now a mainstay in my kit. Spent 11 days in the woods last month camping/bowhunting and I carried this pack every day.
Even overloaded and with harsh use (climbing up and down pine trees) it is in good shape, no rips, no bad clasps or anything else (at least not yet).
Some nice features include being able to install a hydration bladder, the hidden pouch for concealed carry and the emergency whistle built right into the clasp. The water bottle carrier is removable and can be used alone on a belt or used with any MOLLE attachment, I really like that.

Here is a pretty good video review:


Will the Overwatch Sling pack work ok with smaller size laptops? (like 13-14")

I have the same question. I am looking for a day bag that can fit a 13" ultrabook and a Mirrorless camera with a few accessories.

I got an overwatch sling pack a month ago-- best pack but had a problem. First, the pack holds my Yoga laptop and a 2-3" book, plus outside pockets hold accessories plus back pocket holds a 7" tablet-- all organized & great. Slick.

A seam came apart within 2 weeks of using. I contacted Woot who was not helpful-- said they didn’t have inventory and, this is the second time it’s been relisted, still offered only a refund when they knew I wanted a replacement. Customer service person was dismissive, citing rules versus solving the problem. First disappointing experience with Woot-- I’ve been a Woot’er since long before Amazon. Afraid this is the first flag to Woot’s demise.

Fortunately, Yukon was the opposite. I glued the seam which is holding, but Yukon offered to replace or fix the bag, and overall has been phenomenal, responding within the same day even. I asked if they have had seam troubles (and should I bead the seam with epoxy when it comes) and they said that they have not heard of this problem before. When you make enough bags, a bad seam will come up and otherwise the bag seems very well built. I’m relieved that Yukon seems as stand-up as its bags, and grateful to be getting a new one from them.

Overall, absolutely get this bag. Curious if the Woot problem is a one-timer or a trend.

Well, I had an issue with a laptop purchase this spring. Something was supposed to be included which was not. Woot was zero help. They pushed me off on the manufacturer who denied responsibility and pushed me back to Woot… who pushed me back to the manufacturer.

In the end, after insisting and pointing to the pages on the manufacturer’s website while on the phone with said manufacturer, I got it sorted. All without Woot’s help.

Add that to your bucket of info and do with it what you will.

Yes-- I use the sling pack with a yoga 2 no problem. Actually, awesome. (see my review)

I have the sling pack and my surface pro 3 fits the inside pocket with about 1" of clearance top to bottom. If you’ve got a laptop that fits, just remember that there isn’t any padding on the bottom of the pack.
On the outside rear pocket, the surface fits, bu tit sticks out the top and won’t buckle.
I use it for a tool/cord back at work and it’s held up well.

The REI near my house sells replacement buckles, straps, etc…