Yukon Outfitters Quick Scout MOLLE Pack

I would like to see if Yukon Outfitters and another owner of the “Yukon Outfitters Quick Scout MOLLE Pack” have had the same problem or can tell me something I did wrong.

I purchased the backpack on Jun 7, 2016 and only a few days ago (7/11/16) started noticing the top left strap tearing along with the bottom right strap tearing. I only used the product for a 14 inch submarine sandwich and a two bottles of soda (16oz) and two water (16oz) once a week since owning it.

Does it have a smaller weight capacity than I assumed? Anyone have the same or similar problem? I own the “Yukon Tactical Alpha Backpack” and am very fond of it so I thought it would be a smaller companion to it.

Thanks to Woot customer service, I am still a happy Woot customer.