Yukon Outfitters Rainfly

Contents include:


Do I need it/ does it work with the mosquito met hammock?

Am I missing something? Whats the dimensions and weight?

Dimensions: 11’ 10" x 9’ 4"
Weight: 1 lb.
Material: 190T polyester with PU coating - 1200 mm

You can also find it on it’s own Woot page:


If you’re going anywhere it’s going to rain (such as camping) it’s pretty necessary

I would imagine so - it’s pretty much just a tarp designed to fit above the shape of a hammock, tied to trees. I’ve got friends to just pack blue tarps for the same use, this just is better designed and can pack smaller.

Well never mind I WAS going to buy a few to test out on our next section hike, but I am too slow to the draw.

BTW this is a great price and pretty good weight if the weight includes the stakes and slings.

Wish I was quicker.

I just saw that they lumped this in with the regular woot deal. I bought 3 hammocks this morning and now I can’t buy the rain fly. Doh!

You totally can still buy the Yukon Outfitters Walkabout Rainfly! Woot has relocated the sale and combined it onto the Hammock page.

Please find the link below:

Yukon Outfitters Hammock and Rainfly Event

Limit is 3 items and I bought 3 hammocks first thing this morning so I am out of luck this go round.

It shows a limit of 6 for me?