Yukon Outfitters Range Bag (4 Colors)

I got one of these last year and have taken it to the range a couple times (I don’t get to the range as often as I like). It holds lots of equipment and has enough separated storage compartments to keep your stuff organized.

My only complaint (and it’s not the fault of the bag, but rather a fact of gravity) is that the size of this bag lends itself to loading a good bit of equipment and ammo, which really makes 1 bag full pretty heavy. I’d almost rather this bag be about 3/4 the size, and I’d get two of them to make transport a little easier. Like I say, not the fault of the bag, just the logistics of my range transport strategies.

I still recommend it highly.

Id second this. Great bag but a little bigger than an ideal “range-bag” size IMO. It tends to sag quite a bit in the middle when loaded, again just depends on how much stuff you decide to cram in there though. For me, Ive got targets, a few rolls of tape, a few cans of spray paint for the steel targets, 2 muffs/glasses sets, a cleaning kit, a tool kit, a few holsters and pistol cases, and a first aid kit, and theres still plenty of room to spare.

I just picked up this Range Bag from Woot as I was looking to expand my choices for a carry-on bag during an upcoming trip to Italy. I already own two Bug Out Bags but needed something with more exterior pockets (don’t want to keep pulling the entire thing out of the overhead bin just to open the main compartment for small items) and it came down to either this or the Mission Bag.

The price here at Woot is a screaming deal, by the way. About $20+ cheaper than Amazon even with Prime.

Frankly the Range Bag is taller than I expected, and I think it’s total capacity including the pockets is just about the same as the Bug Out Bag, but the pockets make separating your stuff - and getting to smaller items without digging - much easier. The Bug Out Bags have a much lower profile and cinch straps but are longer. After looking at several videos, the Mission Bags were too small.

I can see where the Range Bag could be easily overloaded and would have a tendency to bulge without cinch straps, but if I don’t go overboard with cramming in too much stuff I should be OK. The lack of shoulder straps to sling it like a backpack did not influence my decision as I typically don’t use them.

Note to Yukon Outfitters - a mesh or solid zippered pocket on the inside of the lid would really make a nice addition, as well as an open-top pocket on each end inside the main compartment to keep small stuff from getting buried inside the bag.

I think this Range Bag will turn out to be a solid choice.

I bought one of these last year and they are great bags.

Amazon has them for the same price and free 2 day shipping. Think I might pick up another one.

Come on Woot try and compete.

You might notice that the bags on Amazon only come in two colors (black and OD green), and both say “Sold by Woot and fulfilled by Amazon”. The only difference is if you have Prime or not, and whether or not you’ve already gotten your $99 worth that you paid to save the $5 shipping.