Yukon Outfitters Range Bag (5 Colors)

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Yukon Outfitters Range Bag (5 Colors)
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I bought one of these range bags from Woot a couple or three months ago. I’ve only had the opportunity to use it once so far, but it held up to a pretty big load of ammo, pistols and safety gear for my brother and me. It’s large and roomy inside with plenty of pocket storage on the outside. It would also make a nice luggage bag for 1-2 overnighters (I don’t fly, so I don’t know about its suitability as a carry-on). I’ve been very pleased in general with all of the Yukon Outfitters gear I’ve gotten from Woot, and you won’t typically find a better price on YO stuff than here.

I have one of these as well and concur with Bakon. Very good quality, big, plenty of compartments, can easily be used as a range bag or a travel bag!! Recommended highly!!

I bought one of these a few months ago. I’d say that the construction is good for the cost. On mine, one of the two compartments on the ‘lid’ only had one zipper pull, not the specified double-pull on each pocket. Not a big deal, but annoying that a request sent to Yukon about this went totally unanswered. Meh, you get what you pay for.

If you’re considering this as a range bag then be aware that all pockets/compartments are devoid of any kind of magazine loops or other organizational features. They are completely bare.

Also, you should note that the pictures show the bag stuffed to the limit with ??? to showcase the full dimensions/shape, but there is no inherent structural integrity to the bag. Again, for the cost I can’t really ding Yukon for this, but as a buyer I want you to be aware of what you can’t see in the marketing pictures.

Anyone know if this bag would work as a carry on.

Depends on the airline, but I’d guess no. I have one of these, and they’re fairly large.

I have the Earth model, and this thing is GREAT! It’s got a ton of space and the quality really seems excellent. Lots of pockets and spaces for everything.

Carry On Luggage Size Chart: 170+ Airlines - Travel Made Simple should help.
Though United, American and Delta all would say it’s too large

I purchased this bag and I’m surprised at just how much room it actually has. I’m very happy with it.

As for the carry on discussion, in my experience it all depends on the plane size. For the smaller jets I’ve taken, I have been asked to gate check the bag but I have also stuffed the bag in sideways. For larger jets, I have stored the bag in the overheads next to the rollerbags with ease.

I would definitely purchase again.

At the listed dimensions it’s not even close to the airlines’ 45 linear inch limit. So if you fill this bag as shown and get it as far as the boarding gate you’d probably have to leave it at the self-check door. Still, that would save you the outrageous baggage fees. I just wouldn’t trust anything valuable or breakable inside.

And one more thing - if you travel thru big airports a lot, an airline-friendly sized bag that can be worn as a backpack makes a huge difference. It also helps keep me from overpacking!

Is the 13 x 13 x 26 dimensions stuffed? or is it more with the end pockets packed?

Those dimensions are generated from a relaxed and realistic state. With the bag at max capacity these would increase slightly, but with a normal load this is accurate.


I’ve traveled a lot with this bag and never had a problem.

Would this make a good camera and gadget bag?

Way too big for a camera bag…26" long!!!

depends on how much gear you have. I’m thinking of purchasing for a camera bag as well.


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Used this bag for one trip and now has a giant hole where the side seam used to be. Don’t know if I should blame the construction or the airline, but it was very disappointing.