Yukon Outfitters Range Bag (5 Colors)

Great bag with a TON of features for the price. I’ve been using mine as a range bag for about 8-12 months now and it has held up extremely well. I only have two complaints - one is that it is actually too large for a “Range bag” - if you load it up, it gets very awkward to carry. Also the buckles on the front pouches are superfluous - they loosen themselves and are ineffective and bulky. Simple velcro closure would have probably been a better option.

Yukon Outfitters has GREAT designs and amazing Quality/Price ratio. Whats the trade-off? In my opinion, buckles and zippers are not quite as good as you’d see in a typical $120 bag, but for 1/3 the price I’d opt for the YO bag in a heartbeat.

This is a GREAT bag for something to throw in the car with a change of clothes, phone, wallet, GPS, and that kind of thing. I’m thinking of repurposing mine for when I jump into someone else’s car for an adventure (as an alternative to a day pack) so I can have all my “necessaries” handy in the back seat.

been using mine for several months now and holding up well. my daughter stole my first one to use for baby bag and she loves it. the separate compartments are ideal for holding different clothes and baby items; she can get to what she needs without having to dig through a huge single compartment. Ordering another one today.