Yukon Outfitters Sleeping Bag, 2 Choices

**Item: **Yukon Outfitters Sleeping Bag, 2 Choices
Price: $24.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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Record breaking heat across much of the US and Amazon…errr…Woot is pushing spring/fall sleeping bags?

That’s kind of our specialty. Good deals in the off season.

How about a good deal on AC units or BOC’s?

are these any good ( blue )

AC Units: We’ve had the portable Sharp a couple times. Otherwise, they’re still in season and on sale EVERYWHERE.

B.O.C.: We just did some during the last woot-off. Don’t be greedy! :tongue:

Greedy…I’ve been a loyal Woot customer since 05…never once have I got a Bunch of Carrots…and I’ve tried, believe me…breaks my heart when I think about how times I’ve been thiiiiiiiiis close, only to have a server crash or something. I’m beginning to wonder if the aforementioned bunches of carrots actually exist or if you guys just suck us in like Ed McMahon…

Oh how I love woot videos that show the product.

At 6’4 this mummy bag just won’t get it done for me. Need the extra long size (that’s what she said)…

The item description is confusing. It says the blue one is the 0 degree one, but the green one has a drawstring hood?

[MOD: We removed the reference to the drawstring hood from the green one. Thanks]

Any info on the weight or packed dimensions?

Can 2 of these zip together make 1 large love nest?

There’s no mention of how much the sleeping bag weighs…

I bought three of these awesome wootbags. I thought the video was very helpful. The last zero degree bags we bought (Feathered Friends) set me back $328 each. Of course, those weighs ounces and fit nicely in my backpack. Since there is no weight given, I will assume these bags balance the scale with an anvil. Should be great for non-backpack camping :slight_smile:

Thats what I was thinking too.

Well they aren’t as heavy as the anvil I lug around in the winter.

The specs show the 0 is 5.5 lbs, the 30 is 5 lbs

also what I want to know

I’m not positive but I think that’s typically a feature of all sleeping bags that are the same. They have identical zipper shanks and the opposing zippers line up. I’ve never had two identical sleeping bags I couldn’t zip together (and I’ve had several sets).