Yukon Outfitters Summit Duffle Dry Pack

I got the Yukon Outfitters Summit Duffle Dry Pack a few weeks ago. Plans were to make that my family’s BOB. Once I started putting items in the bag, I realized it wasn’t going to work or it wouldn’t handle the load. I have my doubts the handles (straps) could deal with much weight in the bag. The material may be water proof but I doubt it would hold up for long from scuffs or tossing it around or gouges. So, I ended up just putting my two winter sleeping bags (2 military ECWS bag systems. One was packed loosely while the 2nd was left in it’s compression bag without being compressed. Filled the bag up. So, rather I’m going camping or bugging out it’s a grab and go setup. The material just isn’t very think. Felt like rubberized rainfly material. But having said that, I also worry about how water proof it is. Once I had the bags in, I had to lay on the duffle to bleed the air. I had the zippers closed tight and I could hear air escaping from the zipper area. Not a little either but enough to make sure if I pack on the top of my car or on expose it for long in the raid, I’ll store it upside down unless it’s in standing water. I’m sure it’s not designed to be like those dry bags but for 100.00 you can do much better in the protection area and load out. JMO.