Yukon Outfitters Survival Machete Black

Does anyone have insight as to the quality of this Machete?

I’ve had this one for a while. It’s pretty nice and durable. I use for limbing trees a lot and occasionally for clearing brush. If used it on 3 inch pine and maple branches that take quite a few swings to hack through and it’s held up. My only complaint would be the belt loop on the sheath. The stitching came loose the first time I used it after a couple hours. Luckily I was in my yard so it was easy to find where it fell off.

There is a Gerber Machete for the same price with free shipping on the mother ship. More of a name brand. Not much out there on Yukon.http://www.amazon.com/Gator-Machete-Pack-of-2/dp/B0161WVK7W

However the one at Amazon is not full tang, so this may be a better deal.