Yukon Outfitters Tactical Hydration Pack

This is not tactical. Where’s the PALS (aka MOLLE)? Also it is not a tactical color (i.e. sand, black, OD green). even if we look past those, there is only one pocket, for the bladder. I can’t carry anything in there.

Is this insulated? Would it keep cold water cold for any decent length of time?

Does this “sweat” a lot? Kinda apprehensive to put my phone in the pocket if this will end up ruining it.

Does the bladder remove, or is it integral to the pack itself?

Same question for the straw.

@conanthelibrarian & @curtisuxor I’ll see what info I can get from the buyers, and get back to you.

Any time you have a high dewpoint, cold drinks are going to “sweat”.

Agreed. Was getting on to say just the same thing… I wonder if people think ‘tactical’ will help sell anything? Tactical spoons next?

Oh geez!

Saw the photo,thought it was a cool jockstrap…moving on.

Only holds three 16.9 FL OZ waters? Really? I go through 1-1/2 times that when bicycling… Next

1.5 liters = 50 ounces.
EDIT: I see where you said 3x 16.9. Nevermind.

Both the bladder and straw are removable allowing for easy filling and washing.

I came here to get info on the Hydration Pack & now I want to get the “Tactical Eat’n Tool Spoon Fork Screwdriver Bottle Opener Multi-tool” out of sheer amusement. Thanks vfr800interceptor… Thank you indeed.

How viable are one of these things for urban running? I’ve been finding my 10-oz bottle of water isn’t really carrying me well through these summer runs.

Tactical or not, if you wear this around your waist instead of over your shoulders, you’re going to impress the ladies.

I’ve been running with Camelbak and Nathan hydration pack things for a few years. They work really well. Minimal sloshing/bouncing. You can stick your phone in a ziploc bag and throw it in the main pocket along with the bladder and be fine. Unless something is horribly wrong with the design, like some terribly positioned rough stitching, etc., this’d work just fine for running. And it’s CHEAP. Biggest concern for me would be nasty nasty taste of the bladder. That’s an issue sometimes. Only thing that scratches the surface of the terrible plastic taste is dumping activated charcoal in the water and letting it sit overnight again and again.

Kind of a moot point since during physical activity you really don’t want your water ice cold.

The hell with using it as hydration, I use these things for cooling when I’m out in the field. Cut away some of the insulation, then fill them with ice and a little water, or fill 2/3 with water and put it in the freezer.

As mentioned above, sweat depends on surrounding environments.

From buyer Mickey:

This hydration pack is manufactured like the majority of hydration packs on the market, with no insulation. How much or how little it sweats depends upon the surrounding environment and conditions you are in. When I put my cell phone in any hydration pack, I always put the phone in a zip lock type baggie. I don’t mess around with Murphy’s Law whenever avoidable.