Yukon Outfitters Trident Survival Kit

I bought this previously, and I do love yukon bags.

the first aid kit is still one I use, with upgraded bits. I love the knife.

the fleece blanket is nice, as is the paracord.

The walkabout fly is good for a beginner, and the hammock is decent.

the problems lay in the rest which isn’t bad but I don’t like the functionality of the on high power, off, on low power, off, flashing, off. Sometimes in the woods, you just want a bit of light without having to click through all the options.

and the bag. it is bad. is a bag that doesn’t expand. if you put something in the outside pockets, it squeezed the inside of the bad. so if you use the outside pockets, and the inside pockets, there is almot nothing else that can fit in the actual bag space. the carrying straps are good, the hydration area is good, the amount and size of the pockets are good. the problem is that if you use the pockets(seriously, a crazy amount of pockets) of the bag… then you can fit almost nothing on the inside.

the deal isn’t bad if you jut want stuff you haven’t gotten already, and need/want. and if you need an oversized day bag… but i’d skip this.

Got one of these too. I removed the fleece blanket and put it in my car and replaced it with a much better Snugpak Jungle Blanket. Added some items to the 1st aid kit, some nice Sportneer tent Stakes. I agree about the bag. Takes some learning but once you pack it a few dozen times LOL, you learn how to stow stuff in the right place. Lots of little pockets in the side packets. Wish they would expand more though. Very comfy even with 35lbs of gear in it. Oh, and the water container is worthless IMO. I rather just put a nice camalbak bladder in the bag and be done with it.

Yeah, the bag isn’t horrific… the outside pockets are decent sized and yeah, pockets inside pockets… but I really wish the outside pockets were really outside pockets. when they fill up the lower the room on the inside.

hell, the bottom straps for attaching things to the bottom are poorly put there as well. If you cinch anything to there, you lose space as well because it pushes everything up to the top.

I have attached it to an external frame, which is pretty nice. I need the external for my back. That allows me to actually fit more of the stuff that I need on the pack. I have also started to modify some of the random other parts too.