Yukon Outfitters Weekend Range Bag

Absolute junk. I bought several of these when they were previously on woot and I wish they hadn’t. They all had defects and Yukon outfitters doesn’t stand by their products. Their customer service was nonexistent. Stay away.

@briceport81, As menioned in the BOB forum…again, we’re sorry to hear of your experience and we definitely stand by our products. Please reach out to us directly at customerservice@yukon-outfitters.com or PM us on here and we’ll help you out!

Also, feel free to call us directly at 731-696-5517 - business hours: 9am - 5pm CST

Happy Woot Wooting!

Can you provide photos of the bags? Cause you’re just spamming now and I am doubtful you’ve owned any. Cause the way you’re commenting you’ve must have owned like 20 bags.

I’ve purchased a couple Yukon bags before, 1 was defective, (had loose stitching in a main compartment) and the customer service gladly sent me a replacement and paid postage to return the defective bag.