Yukon Tactical Alpha Backpack (3 Colors)

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Yukon Tactical Alpha Backpack (3 Colors)
Price: $39.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Jan 19 to Tuesday, Jan 20) + transit
Condition: New


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Time to check out the product page

The first product image caption said “Olive Drag”, and I like to believe a Woot writer was just like “man, this color is such a drag.”

I purchased one of these several months back and have used it a couple of times. The seam on the inboard side of the shoulder straps, near the top, is starting to tear on both sides. It’s bad enough that I can see the foam inside the straps and the tears are each around 1 cm long.

Bought one less than a year ago. Zipper is broke. Used it s handful of times :frowning:

I bought one of these the last time it was on woot (summer 2014?). I use it as my work back pack and as such it has been thrown in the car every day and has made a 6000 mile trip to the middle east (i used it as my carry on). So far no tearing or failed zippers. It certainly isn’t built as well as another 5.11 bag that I have, but it seems to be holding up reasonably well.

I too got the black version of this last summer and use it as my gig bag stuffed mics, cables, pedals, multi-tool, etc. It’s fully packed and heavy and so far no problems at all being tossed in the car, kicked around the stage and repacked at the end of a long night.

I liked it so much I just got the Yukon bug-out bag and it also appears to be of the same quality. And get this - it got here earlier than expected! Still 7 days from order to arrival but for woot! That’s practically warp speed.

Is this waterproof?

I got one of these from woot this summer or so. It is good bag, so far. No quality issues at all. I love the myriad of nooks and crannies. There are a lot! The only thing that worried me was that when it came it had a very strong odor. Smelled like some gnarly petroleum product or something. Perhaps it is a waterproofing agent? It smelled so strongly that for a few weeks I kept the bag outdoors, hung it up in the sunlight, in the breeze, etc. i wouldn’t want to be in the same room as the bag. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to use the bag at all. Eventually I started using the bag though it still pretty much smelled. Items I had in the bag would emerge from the bag with the same smell. After a few months the smell faded away, (mostly.). Love the bag, hated the smell.

Weird and mildly disturbing seeing as they are made in China. I didn’t think they were waterproof.

I did not have that experience with either of my Yukon bags.


I tried to contact Yukon two weeks ago about a problem with the tactical backpack package I had purchased, NEVER GOT A RESPONSE, I don’t know about their customer service

Same problem here! I bought the grey bag on 9/18/14. Loved the storage. Seemed well constructed. Never could actually use it due to the overwhelming smell! I tried soaking it in color-safe bleach, washing it several times with different detergents, and a few topical sprays. Nothing helped. It has been hanging in the garage with plenty of ventilation since, but the smell is still there. Hate to throw away a bag this expensive. Maybe the other colors don’t have this problem?

Hmm. Sorry about that. I’d recommend trying one more time, but also reach out to support@woot.com. Woot CS might be able to help, just be sure to include your order info along with your situation.

I bought one of these back when the top front pocket was still two pockets instead of the single pocket. I love it. I have been using it everyday for work for over a year and it is still like new. I did have one issue with one of the clips. I emailed their customer service and they sent me a whole new bag no questions asked.

No more than any other backpack. If it’s just raining a bit…your stuff will probably stay dry. If it falls in the water…you’re out of luck.

Hi there. Please PM us so we can get your issue sorted. Thanks!

I also got one in the late summer. It was smelly, but the smell has long gone (and it faded quickly).

I use the bag daily for the junk I take to work, lunch, big thermos, school books, EDC junk, etc… Its strong, holds its shape. LOTS of goodie stashes.

I wish it had better padding for a laptop, but just add a foam sleeve and its good to go.

Rugged, no real signs of failure - the zippers were sort of tricky at first, much easier to use.

I like the fact that I can open it ALLLLL the way up… or leave it partially closed.

Happy with it.

mine stank, too. put it in the basement, garage, etc and it still smelled. reminded me of the coolant the old man smelled of returning from a day of tool and dye work.

after a year the stank is gone. for the most part.