Yukon Tactical Alpha Backpack

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Yukon Tactical Alpha Backpack
Price: $39.99
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Condition: New


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This is a terrific, well made, very useful backpack. I used it for my recent triathlon season as a transition bag and it worked great (purchased the last time it was here). I also used it as a weekend travel bag. No need to check a bag on the plane and this pack fits neatly into the overhead bin.

It was stolen from my car two weeks ago and I just bought a replacement for more than Woot is now selling it. So I’m a little annoyed.

But my loss is your gain - I don’t need another one, so make sure you buy one before Woot sells out. It really is a great bag for any purpose.

I fear that Yukon Outfitters is going to take all my money and I’m going to be left holding the bag(s).

The description does not say, but how big of a laptop can this thing accommodate?

I never tried to fit a laptop in mine, but it held a wetsuit and two days’ worth of clothes… I think any laptop of reasonable size would fit without any problem at all.

My gaming laptop isn’t exactly “reasonable”. 20 inch screen… lol

My son very excited he saw this backpack and needs a new one for school…

Look forward to seeing how this works out

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Comments from a previous sale

It only shows one side of the bag - is there a water bottle holder on the other side or anywhere else?

What’s with the description? Is there a BOC I’m not seeing here?

No, you’re not seeing things. Out of our desperate attempt to be rich love for giving you options, we’ve added a little something extra for today. Consider it a gift to us from your wallet to all of you who were hoping for something like this today. It’s your chance to help us look good to our bosses get a little something extra for yourself, okay? Thank you You’re welcome.

Wow…um, nice copycat of the 5.11 Tactical Rush series backpacks! Only missing a couple small features, but I guess that’s a requirement, so they don’t get sued.

Biggest difference will, of course, be the quality, which reflects in the price.

I love mine! I got it in a woot-off last year and it has been my go-to bag ever since. Quite durable, lots of space.

I’ve fit my 17-in laptop in with no problems and it’s from 2007? So pretty bulky.

I second the comment about Yukon taking all my money!

It looks like it can also accommodate around 50 shotgun shells. Perfect for a travel bag! Hello, TSA!

Oh for heavens sake, I can smell the testosterone from here.

Tactical Alpha? Really?

Does this mean that it’s for covert operations of some seriously dark sh-!-t masterminded by a seriously forehead-shaving alpha male?

I picture myself using this item to haul around some seriously “tactical” sunscreen and a massively “tactical” towel, maybe a “tactical” swimsuit for a “tactical assault” on the beach.

How about “practical”? that might be more useful for normal people without footlong wangs.

I just bought one. The bag I carry with me every day is running out of pockets.

It contains a knife, paracord, flashlight, tactical pen (TSA friendly makeshift weapon when I fly and have to leave the knife), lighter, flint, solar battery bank, various plugs and accessories, satellite radio, keys, tablet, chapstick, a little food and some water…and maybe some other things I’m forgetting. I usually carry a gun too, but since I work in a federal building, I can only carry outside of work.

In my lifetime, I have watched two skyscrapers fall to the ground from the window of my office building. I watched on TV as a madman shot people in the dorm where I used to live and then go on to shoot another 30 or so more in a building where I used to take classes. And, I live about 1/4 mile from the Home Depot where the Beltway Sniper killed someone. I go there about once a week.

So, it sounds like testosterone to you, but I call it preparedness. When SHTF and you’re rummaging through your makeup and other sundry junk in your purse to find your nearly dead cell phone, I’ll have about everything I need to get out of dodge as quickly as possible.

O.O I’m glad you’re doing okay. Can’t say I blame you for wanting to be so prepared.

Honestly, my fiancee and I have spoken quite a bit about making ‘survival packs’. Pretty much things we might need not just for urban survival to help gtfo, but in case armageddon hits and we have to rough it for a good amount of time in the wild - pretty much a catch-all bag that we can just grab and go for most any situation.

This doesn’t quite fit what we’re looking for as far as the backpacks themselves (he already has his sights set on a couple in particular). Seems like it’d be great though as a secondary. I’ll throw it at him tonight and see what he thinks.

I agree though. No one needs high testosterone to simply want to be prepared, especially with all the crap that’s been going down in the past twenty years. Fiancee is from Mass, and knew people in Boston when the bombing of the Boston Marathon went down. One of our friends was even planning on attending, but was called into work. It was a real eye-opener for us, among many other things.

I have a 5.11 Rush 72 Hour pack that sits on the floor in my home office and hope never has to move. It’s freaking huge and has everything I’d need to sustain my wife and me and the dogs for several days if we ever have to hoof it out of here to our second home in WV (or somewhere in between). It’s just not practical to carry with me every day, especially since I ride my bike to work.

My current pack is just cheap High Sierra that’s starting to rip, and it’s annoying because I carry more stuff than it has compartments and just gets cluttered moving it around for stuff like clothes and food that go in and out of my pack every day.

Anyway, good luck to you. Hopefully neither you or I or anyone ever have the need to use our gear for anything more than day-to-day situations. It can never hurt to be prepared, and it’s always fun to impress your friends whenever you need a random something that about 1% of people would think to carry with them. :slight_smile:

This backpack is great. I have had it for about a year and it is still in great shape. It works well for traveling, especially with all the inside pockets and the back pocket for a laptop. No complaints at all.

We’re planning on having reusable water filters, water resistant sleeping bags, and non-perishable food with ours, among other things. Not something we’d want to lug around every day >.< I can’t believe we hadn’t even thought of an 18-hour pack though. It makes so much sense considering just how much of our time is spent at work, away from home. Definitely something to talk with the fiancee about.

As I often tell him when he asks if he should bring his .45, it’s far better to have it and never need it, than to need it and not have it. I hold the same hopes you do. Be safe, you and yours.