Yukon Tactical Bags

I bought the black yukon overwatch sling bag last year, with the intention of using it for a bug out bag. I decided to take it hiking here in the PNW to put it through its paces. It didn’t pass the test.

This thing is not comfortable at all. I was already regretting my decision after 10 mins into the trail. With the hike being 7 miles round trip, I knew I was in for a long day.

Pack contents were:
32oz water in the “water pouch”
Soft foldable first aid kit
Small waterproof camera
1 pack mountain house dehydrated food
1 med sized knife
1 flashlight + spare batteries
1 med towel, rolled up
1 snack sized ziplock bag of beef jerky
1 snack sized ziplock bag of Kind granola grains

First off, as I mentioned, the pack is uncomfortable. I was constantly trying to adjust it, but all of the weight gets distributed to 1 shoulder. I didn’t feel like the pack was heavy, but the way it flops around on your back with the strain on one shoulder is intolerable. I ended up carrying it with my hand half of the way in.

Second, the quality is ‘meh’. The water pouch fell apart on me quickly. The threads came out of the little plastic stopper, so I had to sit there and fiddle with it until I got it back together. Then, one of the zippers wouldn’t catch on the middle pouch.

If you’re looking for a bug out bag, I wouldn’t recommend this one due to the single strap and the quality. This bag now sits in my trunk with some minimal survival gear in the off chance that I get stranded in my car.

does the delta territory pack have a place for a camelbak system?

@bfieser, thanks for your review and we’d certainly love to hear any suggestions to improve our gear. Since your purchase we’ve upgraded construction and materials for this style.

The Overwatch Slingpack was designed to be able to reach items easily without taking it off. All pockets are made for quick access and includes a pocket for concealed carry. Ideal for light to medium loads more geared for EDC.

To address some of your points:

  1. Please note we’ve constructed a cross strap for increase balance. This buckle now has an emergency whistle as well!

  2. Sorry to hear that you’ve had some quality issues. We have a 1 year warranty for anything damaged due to manufacturers fault. We’ll happily replace your pack! Please email us at customerservice@yukon-outfitters.com

  3. Our Bug Out Bags are also on sale today and available in new colors! Check it out if you want the perfect bag for bugging out. BUG OUT!

We’re a reasonable company, and if you have any suggestions or are not satisfied with a Yukon product please give us a holler and we’ll make it right!

I can fight a bear.

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Wait, you took a single strapped sling bag on a HIKE on trails? LOL. Any hike more than a few hours should be done with a double strapped bag, preferably with a chest connector and if you’re carrying weight, waist/kidney belt for better weight distribution. A floppy pack is just as bad as improper shoes on the trail.

You weren’t carrying much, but I still question the intelligence in choosing something that allows off axis weight distribution. It has ONE STRAP…meaning it puts the weight on ONE SHOULDER…

Yukon seems to have put that second cross strap to keep tension and the bag from tilting to the right on your back, but I do question why they stitched the strap so close to the middle of the pack so that it will rub the neck…

Now, I can understand your frustration with the water bag’s elastic coming loose and coming undone from the plastic cinch. I tie the elastic in knots at the end to prevent this.

I’m looking at their large double strapped bag myself…any reviews from anyone who has this bag? Good weight distribution? Stitching good on this one?

I realize that the bag isn’t meant for hiking, and I had an idea of what I was getting in to when I decided to take a single strap bag on a trail hike. The point was, that this bag was purchased with the intention of it being a bug out bag. If I had a hard time with it after around 3 miles on a hike, how do you think I’d manage 24+ hours when bugging out?