Yukon Tactical Bags

Yukon Tactical MG0031 Recon Commuter Bag

Anyone know what size Laptop it will carry?

I have an Asus 17"


It will fit a 17". Fits a folded KelTec Sub 2000 very nicely.

I got one of the Yukon bags from Woot recently, but found it smells strongly of polyester / plastic making much of my house smell too. It is not supposed to be washed. Does anyone know how to get rid of this smell?

Offgassing is pretty common with new products from your bag to the foam mattresses to new cars. If you let it air out for a couple weeks, it usually goes away.

Go the same bag plus one more. All you can do is LET it off gas. IF you have a someplace OUTSIDE you can let it sit with no fear of rain or critters, leave it there. I use mine for work so the odor has dissipated with being used and exposed to the environment.

I bought the olive bag last time it was available on Woot. I wrote a review on Amazon regarding the rather pungent aroma that comes as a complimentary gift with the purchase.



New bags will always have a distinct smell right out of the poly-wrap, this is normal. However, if you feel that your odor you are experiencing exceeds the normal “new gear smell” please don’t hesitate to reach out to us about getting an exchange. Shoot us a line at customerservice@yukon-outfitters.com and we will be happy to take care of you!

Thanks for checking us out!


Your experience makes us cringe! Glad to hear that it went away, but we’re not happy with the purchasing experience you had. The least we could do is hook you up with some gear. If you wish, feel free to contact us at customerservice@yukon-outfitters.com and we will try to make this right.

Thanks for the support!

Will anyone that picked up the Delta Territory Pack from a previous woot share something about it please? I can’t seem to find anything online from anyone that has tried it out, and I’d like to know more before spending that much money.

wondering has anyone used this bag as a carry on to fly? Does it fit well in overhead?

also do the attached pouches come with? There is no photo sans the pouches.

Also interested in hearing what others think of it.


Which product are you referring to? We’d love to help you out.


It is strange that the range bags have the same product number other than color but show completely different sizes. Must be a mistake.

You can always expose it to the sun while also airing it outside. Of course, if you live at the south or north pole, you’ll get longer exposure times. If you’re at the equator, it’ll be quicker to get the smell out.

This was from an Amazon review of the Range bag, but he says the DTP is a great bag and worth it.

“The quality of Yukon Tactical products are unbelievable and easily comparable to equivalent products at 2 to 4 times the price. I first discovered Yukon Tactical when I bought the Delta Territory Pack ($80, unfortunately Amazon doesn’t offer it) which is basically the same as the Eberlestock Gunslinger II ($300+) and turned out to be the same quality. I know this because I now own both. I ended up keeping the DTP which was supposed to be a birthday present for my hunting buddy (no worries, he got one too).”

Does anyone have information on the swedish tactical backpack? I’d love to see more photos and reviews but nothing can be found online. Even Yukon outfitters doesn’t have a video on their youtube sight or anything. I’d love to know what the interior sections of the bag look like.

Cant post a picture but the large pocket has a padded laptop pocket on the back with a thin pocket behind that all attached to the back wall. There are two internal straps with clips and then there are mesh pockets on the front part. What I especially liked was that the side pockets are able to fit a 32 oz nalgene easily. seems durable and has been pretty comfortable so far. anything in particular you want to know?

FEATURES states it’s 1000D nylon.
SPECS states it’s 600D polyester.
Which is it?

Thanks for pointing that out, this should be 1000D polyester (NOT nylon)- we’ll be changing the listing now.