Yukon Tactical Black Loaded Vest

Pretty good price. I bought a UTG brand vest (looks EXACTLY the same as this one) for about $40 during Amazon’s not so great black friday in summer promotion.

However, the listed regular price of a $100 is LAUGHABLE. Maybe Yukon sells it for that much, but there are so many other brands that produce practically the exact same vest that only a fool would spend that much.

This isn’t an 80% discount, its more like a 55%-60% discount.

I’d be interested to hear from a Yukon rep about why their vest is twice as better (expensive) than other brands’ similar product.

Since you own one similar, I’m assuming it’s one-size-fits-all (adjustable)?
*Yes, it is. Maybe I’ll actually read the post next time. *

The top line of the sale says “Left or Right”, but there’s no drop down to choose…it simply says “right”. Did the left’s sellout or were they never available?