Yukon Tactical Defender 500 Flashlight

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Yukon Tactical Defender 500 Flashlight
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Some history about Yukon Outfitters

Thought it was a baseball bat with a built in light at first. Which…I would probably buy.

They got this backwards.
The bulb should be on the bottom and the button on the top…so u can hold the handle and shine the light at your subject and if needed, hit him in one swoop.

The way they have it now, ud have to turn it upside down before u strike.

…yup, first thing i thought of was a baseball bat with a spotlight. kinda pointless, but i’ve seen weirder.

Ever since I saw something similar on a house hunters TV show, I’ve been wanting one ever since !

I’ll stick with my 6 cell maglight. I could knock somebody’s head outta the park with that sucker.

FYI: California Penal Code section 22210 provides “any person in this state who . . . possesses any . . .
weapon of the kind commonly known as a billy, blackjack, sandbag,
sandclub, sap, or slungshot, is punishable by imprisonment . . . .” This looks like it would clearly qualify, and the ad blurb confirms it. See People v. Grubb, 63 Cal.2d 614. Fair warning.

That’s funny, I figured it for a flashlight with a built on bat…

This design was rejected by the Jedi Council as an early lightsaber prototype, but later picked up by Yukon Outfitters at auction when the inventor had to pay off creditors. Poor Jedi Master Barr Ybonds.

Agreed, but I would put bulb on bottom, AND the switch along the side of the grip.

I have the Maglite 4 D-cell incandescent with the button on the side, towards the bulb, and this seems like the more natural (and balanced) position to hold and deal a defensive blow, if necessary.

With either set-up, you’re going to take the light off the threat, which seems like a bad option.

Although, at lease with this YO solution, I could probably affix the light to a flashlight holder on the picatinny rail of my pistol. :stuck_out_tongue:

The picture had me thinking this was almost baseball bat sized. Boy was I wrong.

Well, the picture kind of makes it look like a baseball bat, doesn’t it, but 16 inch one. It doesn’t even take D batteries, but uses size C instead. Seems to me that a tactical flashlight shaped likenambat ought to be a good bit chunkier than that. Just my opinion.

From their YouTube video:

“The Defender 500 is made of … really … high grade aluminum … steel”

I’m not familiar with that alloy, but it sounds impressive. I think he should have listed a few more elements from the periodic table, just to be sure.

Not yet. Add a rechargable Lithium-ion battery and a wall mounted docking station charger and I’m in!

I caught that too. It got a chuckle out of me.

Surprised you’re allowed to drive a car. The legislature hasn’t left you much for self-defense, have they? Not that you would need it in Sunny California. (sarcasm alert)

I thought the same thing when I saw the light. All you need is a police man having a bad day to make your life pretty miserable. Why take the chance when any normal Mag light will do the trick of providing light and protection without any extra scrutiny?

What you just described is a “Surefire Tactical”. It has the features you want, but sells for close to $100 or more depending on model and options…