Yukon Tactical Defender 500 Flashlight

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Yukon Tactical Defender 500 Flashlight
Price: $24.99
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Condition: New


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If this isn’t a multi-purpose flashlight then I don’t know what is. Big Yukon bag fan here, but don’t know anything about their baseball bats. Or flashlights.

I never heard of “high grade aluminum steel” and “what-not”?!
It is much smaller than my Maglite which uses “D” cells but I bet it’s brighter. I will wait until it’s $16.99.

Personally, I think it’s missing some features they never considered but I don’t manufacture flashlights. Thing looks also very small and I was just about to buy one, but noticed how the salesmen in the video kept on stroking it. I was sold until the end. Ah whatever, getting one as a gift for someone, maybe they’ll like it.

I have one I keep in my car. It’s about the size of one of those mini baseball bats. I’d call it a novelty because if you really smack anything with its aluminum body it will make a dent.

You can buy it now for $15 @ Walmart !

For when you want to wield a light saber but prefer the sounds of bones crunching rather than flesh sizzling away!

I can see this as a regular item on woot. Header “Tools for the zombie apocalypse.”


I searched their site six ways to Sunday and can’t find it.


This is probably the reference that was being made. As to the legality of these, read your state laws. Some states prohibit anything resembling a billy club from being carried either on person or in a vehicle.

[MOD: Ours is brighter than the one you linked.]

I bought this a couple years ago and I love it. I have it beside my bed. It’s a good size and hefty. It would definitely hurt if I had to clobber someone with it and the light is enough to blind.

Yeah, those 4+ D cell mag lights can’t be beat when your beating off some animal in the middle of the night ;-). We use to have the 6 cell. Thing was a beast till we “retired them” and went to carrying the ASP “talons”.

You can buy one of these at Menard’s for $10. Just bought 3 for stocking stuffers.

Christmas shopping in September?

psssh, I know, right. What are they waiting so long for? :stuck_out_tongue:

had me till ‘C’ batteries required. I refuse to buy anything with ‘C’ batteries.

Bought 2 of these last time they were available, Both are crap and Yukon will not respond to customer service. One lasted about 3 weeks the other less. Button stopped working one one and the other just stopped all together, nothing helped. The 2nd went out after dropping it in the grass. So I would never call it a tactical light. CRAP!! Don’t buy

I respect your principled stand. And also, huh?

This will be a great addition to my utility belt. Heck, I think I’ll get one for Robin too.