Yukon Tactical Explorer Side Pack (4 Colors)

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Yukon Tactical Explorer Side Pack (4 Colors)
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Anyone know how this handles rain?

The Olive Drag color isn’t what it appears to be! To mod: You might want to correct this colors spelling under the “select” pull-down.

Good morning chuckle. Thanks. Fixed.

I have two different bags by Yukon Outfitters, and both handle rain really well. They call the material “water resistant” instead of “waterproof.” I don’t think I’d drop either of them in a river, but I’ve never had any issues with rain.

Are any of the pockets large enough to fit a magazine ( Like sports illustrated, not the kind with bullets) ???

Will the conceal accommodate a Sig 229?

I would say “no”. It carries my small notebooks just fine, my Kindle e-reader, but I don’t think a full-size magazine would fit comfortably.

I’ve been using this bag as my daily-carry bag for some months now, and I quite like it. It holds up to rain just fine, esp. with a coat of water repellant. There’s a cinch top that tucks away in the main compartment, you can deploy it to add a little extra protection in case of foul weather. My one real problem is that the conceal carry pocket (which I use for books :slight_smile: inches its way open as you carry the bag around. I fixed it with a little MOLLE clip, but it’s kind of a PITA to clip and unclip. I wouldn’t carry a firearm in it unless the issue was fixed.

One thing I’d LIKE to see would be a way to secure the strap if you just want to carry as like a briefcase. I’ve tried a few different MOLLE attachment solutions, but none have been suitable.

All in all, this is a great little bag with lots of storage options and ample room for what I need with me on a given day. At this price, you should buy one even if you’re just curious.

Last note, Yukon does stand behind their products and would actively help with any customer service issues.

I like to use my side pack to carry tacos and hot sauce.

How is the Zipper quality on these?

Is the side “water bottle” pocket big enough for a std. 1 liter Nalgene type bottle ?

Thinking of maybe using this for fishing. Thoughts??

Is that soft or hard shell tacos? Cause there is a difference and I believe that a soft side carrying case for hard shell tacos could be problematic. I may be wrong and I don’t mean this comment to come off as a “know it all” or presume that you don’t have a hard shell taco holster or something of the like to protect your crispy taco shell from fracture. I’m intrigued is all. Cause having a taco at the ready is an appealing thought. Also, the guy who wants to take this bag fishing might want to have a taco too…perhaps a fish taco.

I don’t know about this bag in particular, but I’ve got two other Yukon bags and the quality all-around is awesome! I definitely jumping all over this one. For my diaper/cc bag. Lol

Is it particularly more comfortable or otherwise ergonomic than a standard shoulder/messenger bag? How often does that Removable waist strap come in handy, for example?

Yes, the adjustable holster mount will accommodate most handguns, including this one.


We certainly think so! The design of the bag allows it to go with the curve of your waist which feels more natural, and the waist strap helps keep the bag in place when you’re on the move.