Yukon Tactical Gear

Today at Sport.Woot, instead of one thing in the daily deal spot, we’re giving you ALL THE YUKON TACTICAL GEAR AND MOAR YUKON TACTICAL GEAR!!

And since it’s a special kinda sale, we thought it needed a special kinda discussion place that you can find here.

Yukon Tactical Gear


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Yukon Tactical Gear
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Yukon Home

Time to check out the product page for the Delta Territory Pack and the Quick Scout Molle Bag

Can we get some interior pictures of the Mission Bag?

Obligatory comment about strategic vs. tactical.

Any volume measurements (cu. inch, liter, etc.) so we know how much these bags can hold? Does the Delta Territory Pack have any sort of frame?

The capacity for the main compartment for the Delta Territory Pack is 75L with multiple storage options.

The back panel is made of thick foam and with strong construction. We made this unique Delta pack w/o a hard frame.

Thanks for your support and welcome to the Yukon team!

(@Woot, Kinda hard to get to the comments page once past the primary marketing page.)

Isn’t **“Swedish Special Forces” **an oxymoron?

There are two side pockets and a front pocket, with Molle attachments on the back side. There are no dividers on the inside of the main compartment. The front pocket has a divider that runs through the middle of the bag. The divider in the front compartment doesn’t extend to the base of the unit.

Yeah, I have an email in about that. We’re missing a discuss link in the text.

When I was doing extensive research on backpacks (tactical and civilian) a few years back I made a couple of important discoveries. 1) Nylon is stronger than polyester. 2) M.O.L.L.E. compatible bags don’t always fit genuine military gear. 3) Zippers are very important on a “tactical” bag. I prefer YKK brand and metal teeth. 4) A frame on a larger capacity backpack is a must (especially for carrying weight).

All of these observations came into consideration when I was choosing my bag. I settled on a Kelty Falcon 66 made of 500/1000D Nylon Kodra (Korean equivelant of Cordura) with YKK zippers and genuine M.O.L.L.E. specs. With these Yukon brand bags I’d probably purchase the duffel if it was a good price (and not sold out) but with a lack of information for all these specs I’d be a little hesitant to choose a backpack unless it was an everyday school/low impact work bag. Aesthetically they look cool, but functionally I’m not sure how they would hold up. Just one man’s opinion.

The Yukon website has no interior picture but says “4 compartments”. That means two end compartments, the zippered thing on the side, and whatever size the remaining inside is. I’d say it could be a fair range bag for one pistol, or you could actually use it as an over the shoulder communter bag for concealed carry, because it’s 5x6x19, which is not big at all.

Ummm…tell that to this lady:

And these guys:

Maybe you’d like to make your joke around this guy’s friends:

Google ‘Sweden WWII Role’

An example via the NYT (hardly a war-monger):
“’‘Sweden was not neutral, Sweden was weak,’’ said Arne Ruth, a Swedish journalist who has written a book on the Third Reich. ''Its sales of iron ore made an important contribution to the German effort. It allowed German troops and weaponry through its territory to Norway.”

The (Not So) Neutrals of World War II

Just watched the video on the Rapid Response Bag. Says it was “purpose built for law enforcement and first responders”, but he couldn’t articulate what the purpose the various pockets. I rarely comment, but I can’t help saying that the guy on that video either doesn’t know what he is talking about or wasn’t able to put it into words. The video influenced me to choose not to buy the bag. Not meant as an insult to the person, but as feedback.

Hi GTouchstone,

We appreciate the feedback on this and you’re correct… the pocket descriptors were purposely left open ended. We did that because many different departments carry different items in each pocket. This was our most purpose built item for first responders. We will do a better job of calling these out but figured that it would be self explanatory for those in the biz of carry a duty bag of this nature. Thanks for the feedback and we’ll improve this going forward for those who may not be using these on a daily basis.


Yukon Outfitters

Please sell this gear again! I want to buy some more!

Just got mine and it was the wrong bag. So disappointed. I ordered the swedish special forces bag and got one that I don’t even see as part of this sale. I was sent a “bug out bag”, but the plastic protective bag it came in says “swedish special forces”. It looks like, in my case, the backpack was probably packaged in the wrong bag at Yukon, but who knows. I’ve opened a ticket regarding this. Hopefully it gets resolved soon. Was going to be out of town starting Tuesday of next week and had hoped to bring the bag I ordered.

I’m the same. They also sent me a Yukon Bug Out Bag instead of the Swedish Special Forces Bag. How do I open a ticket?