Yukon Tactical Heavy Duty Hard-Sided Pistol Case

**Item: **Yukon Tactical Heavy Duty Hard-Sided Pistol Case
Price: $34.99
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This case should not be used for long term storage. The foam attracts and holds moisture from the air and then holds it against your pistol. Eventually this will cause your firearm to rust.

The case will work just fine for long term storage if you throw in some desiccant.

Is the case lockable (with a separate lock)?

Says there are two padlock holes; seems to me that you can padlock the case for transportation on, say, an aircraft.

I’m still looking for a strategical pistol case.

Easy - just tell everyone you have many of them hidden all around your area of operation, including some in the remote plains in Kansas and the Dakotas.

Not even with the Desiccant, it still will be a horrible idea to use this as long term storage…

Yep … bad idea for long term storage. Air circulation is the firearm’s friend.

Anyone have any thoughts about using it for a camera case? Nikon 5100, with 2 extra lenses ? Maybe a few filters and battery charger? Large enough ?.

This is spectacular.

Don’t know about camera, but this is perfect for cigars. In fact, it even looks like the cigar case I currently own (and paid A LOT more for!). They are great multi-functional cases.

The pressure release is a GREAT added benefit. If you’ve never flown with anything like this that seals, it can take forever for the pressure to equalize to open it without this release valve. I ended up prying open my old case because of the pressure and it was unpleasant to say the least.

Im considering one for my R/C transmitter. but its not very large… I think Ill stick with my plano 4 pistol case. It was alot less expensive, perhaps not as well built, but it gets the job done and was only 12 bucks from amazon.

Is this case legal for airline travel? In your luggage, with locks, of course. Doc

I think the real question people are wondering is…

Is this case suitable to transport my Leak Frogs to and fro?

Is woot putting gun related items on sportwoot their “texas” attempt to convince people that guns are for sport and not killing?

The case has an o-ring seal and therefore water tight… exactly how is this menacing water suppose to get in and rust your firearm?

I have to laugh because I don’t think I’ve EVER had a discussion about firearms where someone isn’t sounding off about “your guns will rust if you do that!!” (the sky is falling… the sky is falling!!!)

Even guns in long term storage should be cleaned and lubed up occasionally. A properly maintained firearm will be fine just about anywhere you store it.

I’ve never had a gun rust on me and I’m not even that great about regular maintenance on the ones I rarely shoot. The most I’ve ever had rust on me is the springs inside some 30 year old magazines…

You should spend a little bit more and get yourself a Pelican P1075 Pistol case and spend a little bit of extra money… With that extra money, you get a lifetime warenty and a gun case from a company that is known the world over for their quality.

Yes, and especially since it’s water tight!