Yukon Tactical Overwatch Sling Pack

Bought one of these on Woot not too long ago. It’s a solid pack with a startlingly large amount of storage for its size, and a huge amount of different pockets and compartments to organize things in. It’s comfortable to wear because it doesn’t rely on just the large shoulder strap - it also secures with a smaller one across the body that can be detached so you can slide the pack around and access contents without stopping. The bottle compartment is removable should you not need it. Overall, I’d give this an awesome rating if you’re taking it on a day hike…it will carry everything you need and a hydration pack to boot.

If you read past Woot sales comments on them, you’ll find that people have complained about their straps coming loose. I haven’t had any major problems like that, but for some reason Yukon does not sew up the ends of their straps to avoid them pulling out of the plastic strap locks, so I do have incessant issues with that happening to me which is very frustrating. I could fix it myself, but just haven’t gotten around to doing so (and I don’t see why Yukon doesn’t do it themselves).

That issue aside, however, I’m very happy with this pack. Maybe if the Yukon rep lurks around today, he can suggest a reason why Yukon isn’t sewing the straps as they should be. :slight_smile:

Purchased one of these from Woot a while ago. Overall very happy with the bag apart from two issues.

Within about a week of owning the bag the stitching pulled out of part of the side strap and made the system pull funny and overall be not secure. I contacted Yukon’s Customer support and have sent the bag in for repair. They were prompt in getting back to me and very helpful.

Secondly, the eagle eyed among you may have noticed the clip on the shoulder strap in most of the product pictures is, what I would call, a metal riggers clip, but the coyote bag is a plastic d-ring. When I purchased the bag, the product pictured had the clip, but the bag I received had a d-ring. I also contacted Yukon about this in asking about repairs, and they stated they would try to switch out the clip.

Ultimately the second issue wouldn’t be that big of a deal for everyone, but I definitely would have preferred the clip.

Overall, love the bag, which is why I’m going through the hassle of having it repaired instead of just exchanging for a refund.

I solved that problem just by closing the straps back on themselves like one does with a climbing harness. I agree though, it is puzzling why they don’t just stitch an end in. Overall cost savings, maybe?

Two gripes: Color and clip.

I ordered one of these packs (Coyote/Foliage) on a previous offering, but the one I received does not match the picture on the order page. I was expecting a Tan/Gray as shown in the pictures but I the color I received is best described as Light Olive Drab/OD and does not match any of the packs on the order page. The tag says Coyote/Foliage and the color shown on the tag matches the pack. Yukons website has the same pictures and selections as on Woot!, and after discussion with Preston Powell at Yukon this was determined that this lot did have a ‘slight color variation’. If these are from same lot, and you are wanting the Coyote/Foliage, expect to receive a Light OD/OD.

I too got the plastic D-ring instead of the metal clip as shown.

Pro: This bag is tough.

I used this pack on a daily basis for 12 days trekking through Disney, and airports to and from home with it stuffed to the max and not with the gentlest of care on my part. The bag is still in like new condition.

Edit: I see where there is a disclaimer now for color listed under ‘Features’: ** Color can vary slightly from picture depending on dye lot*

This is no cheaper than Amazon because here you have to pay for shipping.

I bought this one from Amazon:


Similar in style. As you can see the water bottle holder is more attached / part of the bag. Holds lots of stuff, is comfortable. Straps stay in place.

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Hi Keymastur,

Yukon Team here. While the bag you referenced on Amazon may look similar on the outside, our bag offers additional internal storage and organization pockets. You pay for what you get, and we stand behind every product we sell 100%.

Thanks for checking us out.