Yukon Tactical Overwatch Sling Pack

I got one of these about a 2 weeks ago. Overall, I am happy with the purchase and would recommend this pack.
Lots of storage pockets, lots of room, molle attachments, has a hidden pocket that can be used for a camel back bladder or concealed carry compartment, very comfortable strap, comfy to wear, has shock cord and outer strap for carrying even more, such as outer wear or blanket, seems of decent quality and very durable
One of the main reasons I settled on this pack as I had been looking for a carrier for my stainless steel water bottle. They are around $20. This pack includes one that is great, detachable, can use with other packs as it has molle, can even use it just through a regular belt, and it fits my stanley camp cook set which the water bottle nests in. Love it!! Really made this purchase worthwhile for me.
Image does not match product. First thing is the color is not even close. I ordered the coyote/foliage and got a sort of grey/green approaching olive green with slightly darker straps. What I got is not pictured. However, I decided to keep the pack as I had read several reviews stating the colors didn’t match, and for my purposes (being in the woods, bowhunting, fishing, etc) the color is just fine and overall I am very happy with the pack at this price. When I purchased, I went to select Olive Drab but it was not in stock, so I chose coyote. When the greenish color arrived, I was ok with it because I wanted something like that anyway. But, as I said, color doesn’t match image so fair warning if you’re considering buying (there is even a disclaimer in this ad regarding color, so they are aware of it), and the second thing is that the picture shows a type of carabiner clip on the strap upper part of strap as well as a survival whistle built into the secondary strap connector. What it actually has is a cheap plastic D-ring and no whistle at all. Again, to me it was minor and not worth returning the pack, but again for your information it doesn’t match photo and probably won’t be on the pack you receive.
I’ve been using it for 2 weeks and imagine I’ll be using it a lot for years to come as I have already developed several different load outs for fishing and bowhunting. My old, small, worn out and inadequate pack I used for bowhunting has finally been retired!! Changes out and loads very quickly.

Good video review from youtube:

I think you got the “Earth” color, I don’t see a picture for it but they have had it in the past.

I have two of the sling packs. I have two because Yukon Outfitters sent me a replacement after the stitching on an interior pocket came apart before I even had a chance to put anything in it. Now the carry handle has pulled apart from the replacement pack. I’ve only had the pack out of the house a few times.

Whike Yukon Outfitters would most likely replace the bag, I don’t see the point as I wouldn’t trust that it would hold up either. In my opinion, these packs are designed well, the company provides good customer service, but the quality just isn’t there. Look elsewhere if you plan to actually use the pack.

Thank you for your feedback, and we’re shocked at your unlucky experience. We stand by our product and want to ensure customers have the best experience possible. We’ve sent you a PM with further details. Thanks again for the support!

I did not order the earth color, the tag said “Coyote Tan/Foliage” ~ the picture on the tag matches the picture on the ad for that color. The color I got is not shown, and it is not the one shown as “earth” ~ it is not even close. The earth color shown is some type of brown or tan. What I got is grey/green toward olive drab. So thanks, but you’re wrong.

While I don’t doubt your experiences (sorry, by the way), my experiences with this pack are completely different. I have been on several hunting excursions with this pack and it performed well. Still looks and functions as brand new.


Sorry about the color difference there! We want to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase and have sent you a PM.

Thanks again!

The Alpha Backpack is still available (apparently) but no longer listed anywhere on this Event or on woot! Weird. Its an awesome backpack. Just ordered a 3rd to load up as another get-home-bag for a gift.