Yukon Tactical Range Bag (5 Colors)

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Yukon Tactical Range Bag (5 Colors)
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I keep reading about the obnoxious odor that comes with these bags. (See the review on the Amazon product page linked above for a sample.) Does anyone know if this is still an issue?

Dear Woot! Staff - when you post these things that come in various colors, please post color names with the photos. They can be deceiving at times. Thanks.

I’ve had a black one for 6 months or more now and never had an odor problem with it…i use mine to carry camera gear and it can hold 3 DSLRs, lenses, 2 flash units and multiple small items in the side and top pockets…i used dividers from other camera bags to separate everything out in the large storage compartment…i’m thinking of picking up another one or two myself with this re-posting of the deal…

I bought one last time they were on sale. I was worried about the same thing after reading all the reviews. Mine arrived in perfect condition with no odor at all! It’s a great bag! Much bigger than I need for my range bag, but excellent for short trips.

I have this bag plus 4 more different Yukon bags/packs and none have an odor.

I carry a mixer, mics, and a bunch of other gig gear in this and the size is perfect. It’s bigger than a standard overnight duffel but smaller than Yukon’s bug-out-bag. I wouldn’t hesitate to get another one if needed.

Has anyone used this as a gym bag? If so what are your thoughts?

Ive had 1 one these bags now going on 2 years. The only issues have been the zipper heads break and one of the clasps broke that holds the shoulder strap. Granted I had it way over loaded because these bags seem bottomless. They eat everything. I use it as a gym bag, camera bag, travel bag, range bag and keep all my accessories close at hand. I do not remember an odor issue when new and I carry clothes around in this and Im a picky goob when it comes to smells. This is a good deal. They only had olive drab when I bought, maybe other colors have the odor?

I bought the olive drab one and it had an odor for a while but it was not a big deal for me, using it as a gym bag. The buckles on the side pockets are loose and one fell off but was replaced by Yukon. I just have to make sure it is always buckled or it will fall off again. It is huge inside and holds a ton of stuff. Overall, I am very please with the bag.

It certainly used to be an issue, and not just with the OD - mine had a strong odor that faded after a few days. But I’ve bought multiple Yukon bags since and none of them had that problem, so I think they’ve fixed it.

I think this is Yukon’s best bag. Mine has become primary luggage for short trips.

Is it small enough to be a carry on bag for flying?

The video put out by Yukon outfitters says it is.

Very good bag for the $$$. I purchased the OD bag about a year ago and it was pretty smelly but faded away.

The bag can carry a fairy heavy load and holds a lot of heavy items without issue. I’ve overloaded it and did not fear it failing. However, I would I deploy with this bag. It does not appear to have the same level of 511 durability but I would not hesitate to use it for any regular purchase.

Its a good size to use as a carry on bag and has a ton of large pockets.

Worth the $$

Bought mine in Black about 6 months ago on Woot and it had no odor. Yes it is quite large. Too big for a range bag, IMO (if you stuff it with ammo boxes and pistols it will be too heavy to lift!). Great general bag for technical gear, camera equipment, or as an overnight bag. I use mine as a range bag, but I keep lightweight stuff in it like eyes & ears for my son and I, paper targets, a staple gun, misc cleaners and lubes, etc. My ammo and pistols I keep in a separate hard tackle box that can handle the weight better.

I never had this style Yukon bag,
but have had 6 other style Yukons and none of them had a bad smell when opened.

Only problem I’ve had with any Yukon bag was a Bugout Bag, the shoulder lower mount pulled out after just a couple weeks.

Other than that, every bag has been great!