Yukon Tactical Scout Sling Pack

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Yukon Tactical Scout Sling Pack
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Comments from a previous offer

Anyone that backpacks knows that you want to distribute the weight evenly, which is why you do not use only one strap. These are fine for errand runners or for a trip to the local park, but I would never take it on something I would call a hike.

Erm… this is a small bag. It’s not meant for hauling lots of heavy stuff. For what it was designed for, the single strap is fine. Unless you fill it with bricks for some odd reason…

On another note, which are the correct dimensions? Yukon Outfitters website says it’s 12" x 6" x 16.5", but Woot says it’s 10”L x 5.5”W x 14.5"H.

Those inches matter when you’re talking about tablet size.

I’m looking for something more for just day to day trips when on holiday. I find a purse is too much weight across my hip when I wear it cross body.
Does this seem like a good bag for that. I figure the quick wrap around could allow me to grab my camera.
Just looking for opinions because I could be way off base

I have a sling pack (not this one) and it’s very annoying to use. It always wants to slide of my shoulder when I lean on the wrong direction. It’s just for home use now. Your experience my vary.

Yes, perfect for carrying things for the day around town or on a tour. If you put the same things in a sling pack that you put in your purse, you obviously will have the same weight. However, the width of the sling pack strap will distribute the weight across a larger area on your shoulder and the direct pressure weight of the contents will rest on your back.

It’s made for the sling to cross your body, not rest on your shoulder. Sling packs are designed for cross body wear, otherwise they will slide off your shoulder.

I’ve got the Red Rock Outdoor brand of this bag (identical except the logo) and it’s great for a small pack. I use it for my hunting gear so I don’t have to gather it all up every time.

It’s nice for carrying a lot of small stuff, and it can sling over either shoulder easily which is nice.

The Red Rock Outdoors one on amazon is also cheaper than this…


I bought this pack via Woot earlier this year. It sat in my closet until a recent vacation. The Scout sling pack was perfect for tramping around on holiday. It easily fit my mirrorless camera, li-ion battery charger, bottle of water, snacks, and knickknacks purchased along the way. For my flight it fit a rather large pair of boots in the main pocket along with everything else listed above.

The interior pockets have nice straps for storing small items such as usb cables, usb sticks, etc. while still allowing you to store larger items (mirrorless camera and a hefty battery charger, plus more).

As a day pack on holiday, this is great. It looks good and feels good, and is just the right size what my use required. If you plan on using the bag in a similar fashion, it will serve you well.

Wow, that is identical. Nice find. I don’t know anything about the Red Rock brand but I do know that Yukon Outfitters was very accommodating with me when I thought I had purchased the wrong bag. They were willing to swap it out for a larger bag that was also on sale on Woot at the same time. In the end I kept the Scout but it is nice to see a company standing by its products and having helpful customer service!


Sorry for the confusion, the dimensions listed here are correct. We’ve updated our website accordingly. A full size iPad fits perfectly. Please check out the video on the product page for a better look.

Below image should also help clarify dimensions:

Thanks so much for the checking us out!

I use it to carry my gold bars around :wink:

Thanks for the clarification! Too bad this won’t fit my Galaxy Note Pro (it’s a 12.2 inch tablet) but it should fit all my other tablets. I’m sticking with my order. :slight_smile:

Still on the eternal quest to find a nice, small bag that will handle my tablet…

I agree, I used mine (slightly different version but basically the same)on a hike with very little in it, maybe 10 lbs. of stuff. It wasn’t comfortable and kept sliding down my back. I used the extra strap to give it some leverage and that made it more uncomfortable. I’ll stick with my 2 strap pack for now on. Anyone want to buy mine? 10 bucks!

Smaller is not identical. Being 2" narrower than this one from yukon-outfitters is a significant difference.

I picked this up the last time it was offered on Woot. I use it for work, and it holds all my tools, two tablets, chargers, eyeglass case, assorted bric-a-brac, AND my lunch (all in excess of 14 lbs)! I had been using a shoulder bag, and my back was suffering for it. This sling pack distributes the weight beautifully, and that extra stabilizing strap keeps it from shifting yet unhooks easily when I need to access the contents. I highly recommend it!

Just to let everyone know the red rock bag does not come with the internal holster for concealed carry which will cost you around $10