Yukon Tactical Scout Sling Pack

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Comments from a previous sale

This, from the product site, concerns me:
“IMPORTANT: Yukon Outfitters will not replace, exchange or service items purchased through Ebay sellers, any Amazon Store not operated by Yukon Outfitters or it’s affiliates or unauthorized vendors from local shows.”
Where does Woot fit into that lineup?

Excellent question! I’ve bought a goodly number of Yukon Outfitter products through Woot in the last couple or 3 years, and my mind would rest a lot easier making future similar purchases knowing the answer.

See this from one of the last times Woot sold this pack on 9/25/15:

madmango wrote:
I bought this last round, I wanted something smaller to replace my backpack that I take to work. Exterior quality is good, tough materials. The zippers seem good as well. The only problem I have is with the interior materials. I’ve had several panels in the various compartments where the stitching has failed. All straps seem to be holding up well, loaded weight is at 14lb. It’'s a great pack, just not awesome.

Yukon corporate then responded:
Thanks for sharing your feedback! That stitching sounds like something we can fix for you, if not we’d be happy to replace your pack. Please feel free to reach us at customerservice@yukon-outfitters.com so we can get you fixed up.

A long time back I bought one of Yukon’s backpacks from Woot. It ended up having a stitching issue. I contacted Yukon Outfitters about repairing it and told them it came from Woot. They said Woot is an authorized reseller, they ended up replacing my backpack for me with no issues. Since then I’ve bought three more of their products and had no issues. I recommend them highly!

I just bought the Yukon Outfitters SIDE pack a few days ago (don’t have it yet) and was wondering if anyone who might have that as well as THIS Yukon SlING pack might be able to compare and suggest which one might be better for hiking use? They seem “similar”. Thanks.

Maybe it’s just me, but 10”L x 5.5”W x 14.5"H sounds a little small.

I wish they’d show something we can all relate to the size of next to it.

A 750 ml bottle of wine, perhaps?

We buy directly from Yukon and they often participate in our forums. We’re authorized.

They don’t want to cover the warranty if you buy this and then go try to sell it on eBay.


You’re exactly right! Woot is a YO authorized dealer and our 1 year warranty is definitely observed for any purchases made via Woot events. As mentioned above, please feel free to contact us via our customerservice@yukon-outfitters.com for any comments, ideas, awesome photos, and of course concerns of damage due to manufacturing defect. We’ll get you fixed right up!

We stand by our product and always put our customers at the center of everything we do. Thanks for the support and go Panthers!!

The embedded video gives you a pretty good feel for how small this bag is. Give it a watch.

I bought this pack from Woot several months back and really like it. It is indeed small, so keep that in mind if you’re looking at one. For my needs it’s perfect.