Yukon Tactical Scout Sling Pack

Comments from a previous sale

The main strap comes down on the right side, which would interfere with your pistol holster. Brilliant!

The straps are reversible. It is not a quick process though, maybe 5 minutes. The pictures provided do not good a good indication of that.

Are these as tough as the Swiss Gear Wenger back packs?

Just need to get your hand on the grip, You can shoot right through the back pack if needed.

They make sling packs with a pistol holster Velcro pocket. If you carry concealed look at Maxpeditions.com. Their Versipacks and others have pistol compartments you can easily draw from. I have one to carry with AND never worry about bulges or inside trouser holster chafe.

For hikers and business bicyclists in town, the Yukons here are a good fit.

First bullet point of the description: Ambidextrous shoulder strap

Anyone else notice the color is off? I ordered the coyote style and I feel like the color resembles an olive green more than a tan.

Is it possible they sent you the wrong color? If so, please contact customer service.

The tag says coyote but it’s darker than all my other coyote gear. To the point where it looks silly together.

I use this bag every day. A durable spacious comfortable bag that goes everywhere with me. I have also given it as a gift.