Yukon Wake2 Night Vision Monocular

can i spy on my neighbor with these? or his wife? or his wifes best friend who happens to come over between the hours of 9 and 5 monday-friday?

“Don’t you wish we had these when we were kids?!”

“Better yet, we got’em when we’re 40!”

I have this and this “toy”

Neither can be strapped to you head. I prefer the “toy” and the toy is only $50.

anyone use this to spy on their neighbors? How well can it see into a person’s soul?

dude seriously?!?!?
what DO you carry in your stalker kit?!?!

Varmint hunting
Nature observation

question…anybody else having wootalyzer connection issues?

can I use these to read at night?

Pretty tempted…

can I use these to read at night?

HA! Now I’ll finally be able to catch my girlfriend with her girlfriend.

She thinks I don’t know, but I do.

i was thinking the same thing.

yes, wootalyzer shows its sold out already. and sometimes displays connection problems.

sorry for the double post.

Endorsed by Colonel Klink.


164.77 on amazon


These are gonna be here for a while. Looks like lunch time.

hahah i just dissected a cat about 20minutes ago LMAO