Yukon Wake2 Night Vision Monocular


Uhm. NIGHT vision?

The perfect gift for a myopic insomniac


Gen1? As I recall, amplifies IR and thus needs more than just ambient light to be useful.

In case of Zombie Uprising, you’re screwed at night.


I better get a discount for this comment

I purchased a computer from woot for my mother and she is very satisfied with it. I too thought it was a great buy.

Use this for better hallway vision.

Why are you still F5ing? go to mywoot.net. It sounds a rooster everytime the item changes so you can step away from the computer!

weren’t these first gens able to see through clothing?

My problems with wootalyzer went away after I reinstalled.

My problems with wootalyzer went away after I reinstalled.

Pedo Bear approved, it requires only one hand to use.

hhmmm…Does thing run off a single AA? I have a single-battery usb charger that would be perfect for this! Oh wait, I didn’t buy the single-battery usb charger. fail.

is there a way to know how many they are selling?

Gen 1 technology was used back during the Vietnam war. You may be disappointed with this unit. Recommend looking at later technolgy.


I wish it had a built in video camera so I could catch my neighbor flinging dog crap in my driveway at 4 in the morning.