Yukon Wake2 Night Vision Monocular

These make WONDERFUL gifts for people who only have 1 eye.

If you got two eyes though you’re gonna be paying double. Not a very common sort of product out there. Surprised they make these actually. But then again the Monopoly guy would probably get a kick out of it too.

These are truly great. I use mine to win at kick the can.

Gen1 requires ambient light…too much money for Vietnam war technology.

Good for spottin’ revenoors and catchin’ varmints in the corn

Care to elaborate?

Excellent for one-eyed stalkers.

Sure am. From two different PC’s on two different networks.

could this be used as a lens for a video camera? feed that to a laptop and you might be suprised at what you could do with this!!! LOL

Or if you buy 2 you can be an eccentric stalker.

Before we unleash the storm of protest at this latest item, we should reflect on how marvelous is the rich bounty that is being placed before us for our consideration. We need to rejoice in all the choices we have in life nowadays and not complain about how this particular gadget doesn’t completely fulfill our lives as might a Zune charger or a can of bacon salt. Just a little food for thought…

Found someone who might find this useful . . .


I thought the comments were to be of value?

Has any carp come up since this wootoff started

eye hoep dez arrr bettar thn teh wons I gotz wit call of dooty. thoze onestley saaked.loll

Yo. This thing’s been sold out now for over 15 minutes. Who’s sleeping?

Did you reinstall once or twice…

Not in a woot off!

Lots of carp, no random carp if that’s what you mean.

Depends on what you value…


Weird asian cat man disapproves of this woot off…