Yukon Wake2 Night Vision Monocular

I find pictures of cats valuable.


one eye looking through the scope, the other eye focusing on the front sight as you search for the guy who just broke into your house. That’s what you use this for.

Thank You. You can obviously see you bored I’m getting with this Woot Off!!!

I’m sorry i meant a bag of crap

And you can read your grammar tutorials after lights-out!

I agree, you can get Gen3 for not much more than this in monocular.

Soylent Green and crap that will not sell = fail

it always worries me when there are no reviews for a product on Amazon.

no, just a bunch of junk nobody wants.

Yes, but you need the optional mounting kit (Roll of duct tape).

i love how they change my wording when I wrote a bag of carp

Good to know that I didn’t miss much by running errands.

The other eye is not included.


You should try shit, damn, piss, fuck, and hell then.

This guy really likes this woot.

There are more things in Woots and Woot-offs thas are dreamt of in Amazon’s inventory

Monocular = Woot Killer.

Just once.