Yukon Wake2 Night Vision Monocular

mmmm… doughnuts.

Damn, piss, and hell are perfectly acceptable words.

crap crap crap

Will these work with my vista?

dude you got me. had to check. lol but these will come in handy at the next jamboree. I will own the outhouse hunting tourney.

sorry hit dang button twice.

I can use this to watch out for the teabaggers stalking Thompson when it opens.

mjvaughn32 wrote:You should try Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966), damn, piss, fire Rocket Number 9 , and hell then.

Damn, piss, and hell are perfectly acceptable words.

pretty fuuny

The Duke approves as well!!

i god.

This is perfect woot item for Popeye or the Monopoly man.

Vahmint hunting?..ooooooooooooooo

I’m gonna get you now, you wascally wabbit! I wecently wewahded myself with a weally cool woot-off night-vision monoculah, so my sight can weach all the way ova to you, you weclusive wascal!

You lucky bastard.

Someone start buying these. I would be in for 3 but am far too broke, just waiting for that BOC

Monocle killed the wootoff momentum bigtime.

It’s going to be a long evening around here at this rate. Hope you got some ass padding.

Borgantamine of Corpulance!

This monocular is as useful as a single AA usb batter charger.

where is the 2nd half to all this crap?


I may buy one. I want a gen 2 or greater, but I just looked: Gen 2 monoculars are $1000. May have to settle here.