Yukon Wake2 Night Vision Monocular


great for spying on your neighbor

and half the people go to bed


The ever elusive MOnocular.

hmm not from the dollar store!!

December wooting and that was $129.99 - so $10 off!

Hopefully the “mono” in Monocular works in more ways than one.

hoping there is 1… cuz i doubt many more then that will sell within the next several hours.

Too expensive for me to justify buying it to spy on my neighbors…

2.5x magnification and 44mm objective lens diameter = sux

Why one extreme to another… Who at Amazon was in charge of this woot-off?

An upgrade for Mr Peanut.


I missed the binoculars - in for two!!

it’s a peeping toms wet dream so far
night vision, bionuclars a knife and you can do all that stalking while your meat marinates

The product’s function is to use it on your third eye to see into the future.

my neighbor is really hot…

I’d buy one…
Except I can get it on amazon from other sellers for $139

2 more to go. go go go