Yule Love These Wreaths & Trees



Trees bring out all sorts of questions -

  • when do they go up?
  • when do they come down?
  • do you deal with the lack of ‘real tree’ smell in some way?

Let’s talk trees!


I’d like to know how the prelit wreaths work, do they have some sort of battery pack? or do you have to string some sort of awkward power cable over the top of your front door and down the hall?


Check out the picture on this page: http://www.absoluteponds.com/Holiday-Supplies/TWE96760_img.html

That looks like a cord dangling off toward the bottom.
A listing for a similar on on meijer’s website mentions it is plug in. I would assume that there would be a mention of batteries, otherwise.


Turns out the wreaths plug in, they are not battery operated.

Go forth and light up your holidays with three!


Sad there is no vehicle wreath. Well there could be but they would be rather large…


Only decent prices look like Charlie Brown’s X-Mas tree. Meh, wait until after X-Mas and get these $200 trees for for $25.


Fortunately, none of these is the right tree for me. Boy, are fake trees expensive.


Ya learn something new every day, right? Today I learned there are fake Xmas trees that cost $865. Whoa!


Sati, your picture scared me. and so do these prices…


FWIW: when looking for a good prelit tree, you want to look at the number of tips (branch tips) and the number of lights.

The more branch tips there are, the fuller the tree will look. At a quick glance, these seem to have a good number of tips.

The next thing is the number of lights for the size tree. If I recall correctly, one of previous trees was a 9’ with about 1000 white lights. It dang near lit up the room in the dark enough that you could read by it.

My preference is for multicolored lights but at the time I bought that tree, they didn’t have multi in that size (15+ yrs ago).

And I will say, once you go prelit, you never go back.


Looks like Amazon has the 7.5’ Douglas Fir one for 170.27. Which beats the 210.00 price here. The 7.5’ Greensboro is 349.54 at Amazon so the 260.00 woot price is better.

Just as an fyi to any interested.


You have great info here and make very valid points. And of course while not coming right out and saying it you did make the valid point, “you get what you pay for.”

With all that said, why don’t I pull the trigger and buy the very last tree I will have to buy? Because besides being old, I am old fashioned and for some strange reason I love what I should dread. Like, going out on a cold night and paying some stranger too much money for a live fur that I am going to have to get home, spend hours (but loving it) getting it in the house and decorating it. All this for just a few weeks enjoyment and then I have the headache of getting all the stuff off the tree and packed up for next year, getting the now dead tree out of the house and then of course vacuuming up all the dry needles. Stupid? Guilty I guess and still love it. :frowning:

Now the door wreath, I am thinking hard about that! May just have to pick one up. :slight_smile:


In looking at the prelit wreaths, since the specs don’t explicitly detail, I’m assuming that “clear lights” means traditional filament bulbs, (not LEDs?)
Also, wondering what kind of wiring is on these - are they the fussy kind where “when one goes out, they ALL go out!” or do you get lucky and burnt-out bulbs are isolated?


My wreath arrived today. Looks just like it is pictured. Woot doesn’t even show that is shipped yet! it is like i’ve received it in the past!


Sometimes we’re just too efficient for tracking. Glad it got there!


Got my wreath here at light speed, which was genuinely surprising, considering the hurricane and Nor’easter.

It’s really just like the picture, and I cant wait for the day after thanksgiving (the start of xmas decorating)