Yumbutter Keto Nut Butters Variety, 8 Pack

Yumbutter Keto Nut Butters Variety, 8 Pack

MCT oil is derived from processing coconut or palm kernel oils, and it primarily consists of saturated fat.

Instead of paying $3 per ounce of nut butter, I’m just gonna buy a gallon of milk, a family pack of oreo doublestuffs, and invest the twenty dollars left over into dogecoin.


Over $16/lb.

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Interesting comments, unfortunately totally ignorant of the cost of Keto nut butter that contains MCT oil. This offering is an 8 pack of 3.4 oz packets for $28.99. On their website, you get a 4 pack for $17.99 to $19.99 depending on flavor. A quick google of other brands shows a 10 pack of 1 oz pack for $24.99. An 8 oz jar for $19.99 and another 10 oz jar for $14.99.

This is a decent deal and the ingredients listed are clean Keto. Nut butter, especially those that contain MCT oil, are a good source of fat for the Keto lifestyle. I don’t comment on deals for tools or sporting equipment since I know nothing about the costs or specifications of those things. People who know nothing about Keto and make comments look like me making comments about tools or sporting equipment.


People who know nothing about Keto and make comments…

I’ve been keto since 1999. And I’m not math-impaired. You can buy great nut butters for $6/lb retail and top quality MCT oil enough for that lb of nut butter for maybe another dollar (well under$1/oz), plus have lots more MCT oil on hand for other uses.

It’s simply overpriced unless you really need the convenience of portability in tiny packages. Also, 25% of it is peanut butter, which isn’t even a nut


I’m ok with McT oil as long as you can prove it’s not Palm oil.