Yuneec 4K Typhoon Quadcopter 3-Axis Gimbal Camera

Great Drone so Simple my 9-year-old Nephew flies mine BTW I sell these and I also sell the Cases and the Cases with the Trolly

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is this come with aluminium case?

Debating between this and the DJI phantom, how would you say they compare?

This quad is way larger than the Phantom. Easy to fly. This price is very good. If I didn’t have 2 of them I would probably get another.

Is there any way to find out how much, if any, weight over the battery/camera payload this is capable of lifting? And the corresponding reduction in flight time? I don’t anything close in the description.

The Phantom 3 Advance or PRO, Phantom 4 or the DJI Mavic are way better. Any other Phantom Model then this one is as good or better.

As tequilavi asked, does it come with the case? It could be a deal breaker if it doesn’t. Description doesn’t mention it. Bigass unit if there is no case

No case as stated in description. Wish I could figure out if this thing is able to use a go pro as well, and If you want to just fly and take videos what the hell do you need this steady cam for?? I’d rather get a better drone without the extra crap, what do I need a steady cam for!

It comes in a nice retail box which could easily act as a case.

The 4K Action Camera and Steady grip, does come with its own carry case.

I don’t think you can use this with a GoPro - it’s a dedicated gimbal for the camera.

As for steady cam, it depends on your overall need for video and photography. If you’re making small films, you probably aren’t shooting 100% drone footage, so it’s a nice benefit to have a handheld system. One of the major problems facing indy film makers is that cameras look different on screen, so having some consistency helps a lot.

Having an extra feature you don’t need means you shouldn’t pay more, but this is a fantastic price on a refurb. Use the savings to buy a $20 case from a big box store, or repurpose an old Pelican case.

If you’re trying to make a go selling the footage you record, then add a zero to this price and get an Inspire 2 or at least a P4Pro Plus. Or add another zero to that and get a Matrice platform and a Red cinema box.

If you’re shooting for fun and the occasional YouTube hobby, you’re going to have a hard time finding a better deal right now.

If anyone is looking for GoPro utility, consider the 3DR Solo as a starting point. 3DR collapsed the manufacturing line, and is apparently killing this model off, so it’s dirt cheap for a reasonable, disposable platform.

I’ve owned this drone for months and am a huge fan. Extremely easy to fly out of the box, takes amazingly stable and sharp footage with vibrant colors. I agree with what another reviewer said: a nine year old could fly this with some light coaching (and keeping it in “turtle” mode!)…

Max speed is 22 mph with GPS engaged, which has been fine for my use. It goes up to 35 mph with GPS disengaged, though I would not recommend flying without GPS unless you really know what you’re doing, as it lacks any kind of crash sensors. Ask me how I know. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haven’t tried the steady grip yet. It requires rechargeable batteries and they only last like 15 minutes, I’ve read. But still a cool addition.

I also have the flight simulator (bought separately) and it is an excellent way to master the controls.

Overall this drone gets my solid “buy” recommendation if you are in the market for a “starter” drone or a great videography drone. It stacks up really well to the DJI Phantom III series of drones.

EDIT: Here is a sample sunset video I shot over a salt marsh. Make sure your video setting and monitor resolution are set to 4K if you want the best representation of how good the video quality is:

Just got confirmation that it comes with another gimbal that will let you attach a GoPro Hero 3 or 4.

I purchased this quad in July and can answer some of the questions I’m seeing in the thread.

This particular model does not accept a Go Pro, but they do make a Typhoon model that does, the Typhoon G.

This model is comparable to the DJI Phantom 3 and previous lines. The Phantom 4 has a few more sensors that work for collision avoidance that the Typhoon does not.

The camera takes pretty sharp footage that is sent back to the screen on the controller as well as linking the camera to a smart phone / tablet using the CGO3 app via Wifi connection.

Here’s a video I shot in a small park near a river which should show a bit of the camera’s performance over varied landscape. I haven’t dug into the camera settings to tweak any of them but you do have some control over the camera shooting settings.

You’ll notice at the end of the video that the quad did take a tumble on landing. I inadvertently landed the rear part of the landing skids on a dirt mount which caused the the quad to upend. Luckily this didn’t cause any damage as the props were still in perfect condition after this spill. I have broken two props from a prior crash but no major damage to the quad itself.

The only downside that I feel this quad has is that the radio range for “smart mode” flying is limited to around 300 feet to prevent a fly away situation (this can be adjusted in the firmware settings, but do so at your own risk). This is a good safety feature but I wish the “leash” on it were longer. I suspect this is due to the fact that the ST-10 transmitter uses an antenna that is built into the box, rather than something external. I’ve found aftermarket kits that let you modify the transmitter with a much larger external antenna, but this would void the warranty.

There are features that come with newer Yuneec or Phantom models that I wish this quad had, but for this price I definitely would recommend this to someone who wants good quality aerial video without spending $800+.

mrgulio: A correction to your post. This time we are selling a bundled kit: This KIT includes the Typhoon G with the GoPro Gimbal and the Yuneec 4K Action Cam CG03 with its own compatible gimbal with the Typhoon G Quadcopter.

Any warranty on this refurb unit?

So essentially this is a bundle of the Typhoon G, and the stand alone CGO 3 Action Cam kit?