Yuneec 4K Typhoon Quadcopter 3-Axis Gimbal Camera

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Yuneec 4K Typhoon Quadcopter 3-Axis Gimbal Camera
Price: $399.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Feb 13 to Tuesday, Feb 14) + transit
Condition: Factory Refurbished


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Does this have GPS? Does it float? How do you recover it should it go down in a rural area? This would be great if one won the moose lottery and wanted to hook up with Bullwinkle.

Beware; last time I ordered a drone from Woot, I got one that was DOA. Replacement drone was also DOA. Make sure you fully check it out as soon as it arrives.

Does this come in a case or do you need to buy one separately?

I think this was posted on a previous Woot, but it shows the video quality compared to a DJI Phantom 3 4K. Of course at this price, there’s a big difference in cost between the two.


More used stuff.
This place is like an on-line garage sale.

Why would want it to float. it is a aircraft! not a boat

Yuneec New York

Makes it easier to recover when your batteries go down over a body of water and you can’t make it back!!

Anyone know if it has obstacle avoidance built in w/ the Follow-Me technology?

I always make it a point to share my experiences when I see this drone go on Woot… at $400 even refurbished, this is an excellent price for a fantastic, easy-to-fly-out-of-the-box videography quadcopter. Great for beginners.

Here’s some footage I took over South Padre, TX… it was an incredibly windy morning but you’ll hardly be able to tell. Footage is completely unedited:


Questions thus far:

Q1) Does this come with a case?
A1): this package does not. But the box it comes with has a carry handle for light transport duties (i.e., in your own car, NOT air travel).

Q2) Does it have obstacle avoidance?
A2) No. I don’t trust that technology anyway. The pilot is the most important crash-avoidance tool!

Q3) Does it have “Follow Me” mode?
A3) Yes it does and it works well! You can program the copter to pan the camera towards the controller.

Overall I give this quad a solid “buy” recommendation… I’m happy to answer any additional questions.

Yup.I ordered a drone and it was supposed to come with 2 batteries and I only got 1. Also supposed to come with extra propellers, etc but did not and WOOT gave me a big whopping 15 bucks credit. They’ve ignored my emails so I have a drone that does not fly properly, missing a battery and a very disappointed 14 year old son.

no obstacle, but does have follow me.

Enlightening. Quite a difference. Pass.

I bought two the last time around. I am very happy with both, it’s a solid deal and YUNEEC is very responsive with questions for technical issues. You can buy an aluminum case on Ebay for 50 bucks.
They fly great even in this cold weather. I bought some generic batteries as the capacity while stated as 25 minutes is more like 15-20 minutes. The cold weather may decrease flight time. It is a good beginner drone, very stable and responsive. I also have a mavic pro which is my main go to but I use these for training and have no complaints so far! The camera on this bad boy is worth the money your paying for the whole package as they got for like 300-350 on ebay!

Three points:

  1. You’d also be paying twice the price for the DJI.

  2. DJI is notorious for horrible customer service and Yuneec is precisely the opposite.

  3. The Yuneec camera has a “pro” mode with an update released after this video that allows you to adjust white balance, ISO, etc. $50 aftermarket filters make a big difference too, based on my reading, though I confess I don’t own any.

It does not, but neither does any other drone at this price point. I absolutely love mine.

I ordered one of these last time Woot had it. It was missing a part and the Hero camera adapter was broken. Since I’m using the 4K camera that came with it, I don’t miss that, though it’s annoying. But, it flies great even in a decent breeze, so for the price, I am mostly happy. This is my first drone and gotta say the learning curve was easy. But I’m still going to try to get the missing and damaged parts