Yuneec Action 4KCam w/CG03 Gimbal and Case

I have some questions about this that I hope can be answered.

What is the typical battery life of the camera? Likewise, what is the typical battery life of the gimbal unit itself?

Can either the gimbal or camera be powered by an external power source (i.e.: USB power) - particularly during operation?

Can the camera itself be swapped with another camera - say a GoPro Hero 3/4 by any chance?

Can the gimbal be mounted upon a tripod?

Just got this, with the Typhoon drone I ordered last Friday.

Camera is powered through the Steady grip, which has a li-ion battery. You can get a GoPro gimbal, but not included with this deal. I got both with my drone purchase, also a second steady grip that uses AA batteries. Can’t find the card, but battery life is short, maybe 2 hours, if I remember right.

Tripod? What would you need the gimbal for? Tripod gives you a steady, stable platform. The gimbal is for when you are moving.

I don’t have a GoPro, so simply removed that mount from the drone. There was a cable that had a USB end, but think it was to plug into the GoPro. Really didn’t mess with Steady Grip, just wanted to mount the 4k camera on the drone.

I don’t think you have to power the camera from the gimbal battery, just a convenience. Haven’t checked to see if one of my cheap GoPro knockoffs will fit the mount. Doubt the video quality would better than the 4k camera though.

The photos show slight differences. One has an all black base and the other has a gray/black base. What’s the difference between the two, and which one is being sold??

Also, on Amazon the list price is shown as $346.95. Is there something else that comes with this woot deal where the list price is %549.99? Link to Amazon item:

What battery comes with THIS item. Has anyone purchased this from Woot?

Good catch. One was what comes with a drone. The stand-alone one has the silver handle. We’ve updated the sale.