Yuneec Action 4KCam w/CG03 Gimbal and Case

Be warned! I bought the Typhoon drone package that included the CGO2. It was defective and Yuneec agreed to repair under warranty. The camera is at an authorized repair shop waiting on Yuneec to send the required part. It’s has been waiting on the shelf for well over 3 weeks now, with no promise of repair anytime soon.

Yuneec customer service is terrible with 2 hour wait times to speak to someone being routine. When you do get through, it’s just empty promises and smoke and mirrors.

Wait, you have a Typhoon with the CGO2 camera? It’s a q500 and not a Typhoon H right? How long ago did you buy it? If it was recently, where did you get it? I didn’t even know you could find those anymore!

I got a q500+ (refurb) right here on Woot! back in June.

I got here, on Woot in June. And, yes q500…seemed like a great deal, 2 batteries, carrying case, etc. I just wish Yuneec would actually honor the warranty.