Yuneec Breeze 4K Camera Drone

My GF ordered one of these a few weeks back. I really hope hers was a dud, but it was covered in black grease, 3 of the 4 propellers were chipped up like it hit a tree branch and a battery was DOA (common issue with these units).

Woot was great about a refund, but I expect a factory refurb to be 90-95% of a new product.

I received mine with a small grass stain on the propeller. I charged the batteries, read the instructions, watched some video about it’s use and went outside exited to use this. I was bummed that it wouldn’t take off. I recieved an error stating “Failed to take off due to overweight”. Google failed me when it came to finding a solution. It seemed no one else had experienced this. I figured I’d try to figure it out on my own before asking for a refund. I’m glad I did. The propellers were installed incorrectly. Propellers labled “A” should go on the arm labled “A” and “B” goes with “B”. Whoever installed the propellers on this thing just randomlly slapped them on. After I corrected the issue I was off the ground and recording video in minutes. Fun drone. Easy to use until you run into a problem. Then finding a solution could be touchy.