Yuneec Breeze Drone w/ 4K Camera & BT Controller



Yuneec Breeze Drone w/ 4K Camera & BT Controller


Any owners?


I had one; ended up returning it and getting a DJI Spark instead. That being said, all things considered, if I didn’t already have the Spark, I’d drop a hundred on one of these. In my opinion, the camera on the Yuneec is actually is better than the Spark’s. This drone is nowhere near as refined as the Spark and doesn’t have anywhere near the Spark’s range but honestly, you’re not supposed to fly any drone out of visual line of sight, so that limitation isn’t as significant as you’d think. For a causal user who doesn’t want to fret about watching $400 fly off into the distance every time he or she takes their drone out, the Yuneec is okay.


Thanks. I’ve been wanting to get my feet wet so, I pulled the trigger.


Yuneec Breeze 4K


I got the same package here last year black Friday at Walmart for $149. This is a great price here for a really good entry level drone.
Con #1 - I wish it came with an extra battery but you can find those separately. Fly time is 20-25 minutes.

Con #2 - it doesn’t have an image stabilizer for the video so moving the camera around can sometimes get jerky, but to have a gimball like that you have to pay a lot more. A lot more.

So, that said, it has been a fantastic first (real) drone with really cool features in the software for modes like follow, circle, etc. I don’t use the controller as I prefer just to use my phone screen. I even had a crash one time (was circling me and hit a tree branch I didn’t plan well for) and it fell to the ground but continued to work just fine.

For $99, this is a good deal.


what kind of flying range does it have with the controller?


I bought this in Dec2018 here and now just tested the battery and it is defective since the battery charger illuminates flashing blue when battery is charging! I called tech support and I would need to fork over 60 bucks for a new one!


That seems odd. Please contact Woot Customer Service for assistance. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.