Yuneec Breeze Drone w/ 4K Camera & BT Controller



Yuneec Breeze Drone w/ 4K Camera & BT Controller


BT Controller? That has to be some really bad range!


I bought myself one of these when they had it on here about a month ago. I’ve only had a chance to use it a few times due to winter weather, but so far I’m pleased with it. I think it’s a great beginner’s drone, if you “crash & burn” your not out a lot of money. It’s probably the best $100 drone you can find.


Yeah, the range is about 150’ at best, but it is an awesome beginning drone. My son saved up and bought one when it was more expensive, but he and I have been super happy with it.


I bought one about a month ago also, and I love it. I have no experience and was able to fly it out of the box. Batteries don’t last along time, maybe 8 min or sol I bought two extras for easy swap out. This thing is awesome, best 100 i ever spent. Very well made and durable. I crashed into
tree branches and only damaged the blades (comes with extras) but it still flies fine the way it is. Great buy.


I also bought this last time around. We flew it in Michigan cold weather and it did great. Range is not impressive, a couple of times I have lost signal with it. It will wait 30 seconds and then fly itself back to its home spot. GPS works well, hovers well, decent video and photos. It is a bit cumbersome to get the controller to work, but it works ok for a $100 drone.


walmart sells it for $75 in some stores.


Walmarts around me in S Fl sell for 149, but i did find a used one on ebay for 109.


I got one during the last Woot sale. Something’s wrong with the WiFi because it does not show up on my iPhone 10, nor a couple of other devices I tried. In their defense, I’ve yet to call customer service but will get on that next week.


So this might be a stupid question, but did you make sure to disconnect from your home wifi before connecting to the drone?


I got mine through Mall-Wart when they first dropped down to 149.

It’s a great drone. For everyone, beginners and experts alike.

Beginners like them because they’re super easy to fly, I let my 4 and 5 year old nieces fly it and they haven’t crashed it yet.

Experts like them because they can treat them as disposables for the risky shots they don’t want to risk their $1400 drones on.

They don’t come out of the box with cinematic picture quality, but with stabilizing software and a photo editor - you can get very good quality HD photos out of this drone. Perfect on a sunny day, but a little less impressive on cloudy or overcast days.

If you’re interested in doing a little aerial photography - but you don’t take yourself too seriously - then this is a GREAT drone for you.


If it were to go out of range of the remote, does anyone know how to catch a Yuneec drone?


good luck on customer service, they suck big time


yes you have to, just direct connectivity from phone to drone.


it should come back to you or where it has took off first. but there are many people didn’t have a chance to catch at all, drones get sucked into a black whole in the sky and teleport to another star somewhere in other galaxy :smiley: basically if it doesn’t come back to you, no way to catch as far as I have seen and experienced. you may catch it on ebay sold as parts from another person who finds it maybe :smiley:


Looks like all the reviews praise the drone but I’m seeing a ton of horror stories on the batteries and apparently Yuneec only warranties those for 30 days. Does anyone have experience with the 3rd party batteries on Amazon? There are a few different brands and minimal reviews, some of which are undoubtedly fake. Really interested in the drone, but if the batteries are going to me a major issue, that’s a deal breaker.


That is a Blue Tooth connection between the controller and your phone.


Yeah then phone connects to drone with wifi.


Yeah the range is in deed limited but in defense of the app coupled with the controller and quad, Yuneec’s engineers hit the mark. The quad is designed to fly in close but safe proximity of the pilot and subject. I despise the term selfie, but unfortunately this is where Yuneec fell short, developing a market strategy intended to tap the Facebook generation, a market that was ignored by others. The company originally made this an app driven Android or IOS controlled quad using your phone as a virtual controller. Unfortunately any quad controlled by a phone with virtual input is going to fail miserably and it did, but Yuneec realized this and started to offer the optional BT controller which allows the pilot to feel his stick input as related to movement of the quad. For the price, this thing is very advanced and on top of that the components are high grade. Having on board GLONAS GPS, accelerometers, barometers and other sensors to keep the quad in the air and stable even with windy conditions the Breeze ticked boxes that DJI couldn’t. Flight times are estimated at best especially when you factor in the constant corrections being made every millisecond by increasing or decreasing motor RPM’s on one or all related to power consumption. Camera quads in this price range are always going to be in a 6-10 minute window depending on conditions. The biggest mistake is not fully understanding Lithium-Polymer battery technology. Extremely cold days and co.d batteries equals FAILURE! My batteries are topped off slowly a few hours before flight and if it’s a 40 degree day, I place them in an insulated lunch sack with A couple of hand warmers on high. When the flight is over, the battery comes out and I allow it to cool completely and never ever charge it immediately after a flight. Buy a few extras, number them and be vigilant with consistent charging and flight rotations. Remember they are batteries and if you don’t understand them they are the reason for fly aways smd erratic flight leading to complete loss and then staying the drone is a flawed POS. Another thing is to pay attention to what your app is telling you and always look for any strange glitches, if that happens land it and diagnose it. Yuneec did miss the mark on strict directions for set up and how to fly inside versus outside. I can’t stress enough how important calibration is on any of the drones starting at this level. DO NOT CALIBRATE inside your home, go to an empty field without metal structures and get far away from your vehicle. I re-calibrate my drones after 10 flights no matter what. Knock on wood I have never had a fly - away or chip/firmware related failure. I have had mechanical failures but that is part of the hobby, so be prepared to replace your motors after about 10 hours, always balance your props and take the negative reviews with a grain of salt, when in doubt go to your LHS and ask questions, they want to sell you products but they also want you to enjoy the hobby too. As far as Yuneec’s customer service, they are too notch…when you call the US number, the DJI fanboys will always say different and they have nothing but DJI quads to which I cannot stand, I had a Mavic and it was nothing but problems so I went out back and put it in a hover at max altitude of 50 feet and shot it down with my shotgun. I sent DJI the video with every logged call never returned and email along with my part 107 cert and flight logs that showed I am well outside of any restricted airspace.


Woot electronics are crap. Doesn’t matter what brand, there’s a reason it’s selling on Woot. Right out of the box, battery would not charge. Woot, you are 0 for 2 now with electronic items. Sticking to socks, or just going to amazon.