Yuneec Breeze Drone w/ 4K Camera & BT Controller

Sorry, only just now saw this. Yes, I did make sure to do that. I never got around to calling customer service so I’m screwed now, but that’s my fault. I need to get it out of the closet and give it another try. Maybe attacking the probably anew will help. And thanks for your reply.

Total crap. Woot advertised this as a NEW item, but there was already footage on the drone from someone who had previously owned this and returned it. And then I came to find out why. Once getting it set up, I got an IRS (infra-red sensor) error and was not able to fly the drone even once… except for when I tossed it into the garbage.

Yikes, I’m really sorry to hear that! If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form and they’ll be happy to help.