Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon Quadcopter Drone RTF w/ CGO3 Cam

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Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon Quadcopter Drone RTF w/ CGO3 Cam
Price: $499.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, Mar 15 to Monday, Mar 20) + transit
Condition: Factory Refurbished


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I bought one and it was DOA, I had to send it to Yuneec for warranty fix. The camera didn’t work. Yuneec label missing on drone. Smudge mark on ST-10. I don’t think it was refurbished, it was even still in the original box from Best Buy, with Best Buy stickers. This would be a great value if it is truly refurbished to new standards.

I purchased one for $100 less recently. Worked perfect and easy to fly. Thinking about buying another for parts.Wish I had purchased two the first time.

I bought one in the last woot sale in January, the G model which takes a go pro. It is the same bird as the 4K model just a different gimbal.

The bird flies really nice! It is much easier to control than an R/C copter or even cheap quads that I own. The gimbal keeps the camera very steady even when the bird is being whipped around by the wind.

At this price I would say it is a steal.

I purchased one in the January Woot. It was $429 and included the
Q500 G, the gimbal for the GoPro, the CGO3, the ST10+ controller, and two Steady Grips (one that takes 8 AA batteries, and the rechargeable one). That was a smoking deal.

My drone has worked perfectly. It is easy to fly and takes great pictures. Yuneec customer service is also quite good (I left the CGO3 in the car for several days when the temps got below freezing - had to send the camera to Yuneec to be thermally recalibrated - covered under warranty).

This deal isn’t quite as good as the January one, but the price is still better than buying one new.

For alternatives to this one, consider a DJI Phantom 3 - there are a number of refurbs of that model available through various sites including Ebay.

Hi, what fly times are you seeing on one battery? Did you have any issues with the “no-fly zone” feature? Thanks.

This is very tempting, but as much as my oculus rift would enjoy the company sitting on a shelf in the basement, I don’t really need any more expensive toys that’ll just be collecting dust in a few weeks anyway.

I bought $429 ‘G’ model as well, and it flies great so far, awesome video platform. The ‘G’ is the pre-4k, just upgraded to work the same.

Been losing flight time over the past week, think the battery is on it’s way out. Order two a week ago ($75 each, free shipping), direct from China, so couple more weeks before they get here. Read good things, slightly higher capacity.

I’ve mainly been flying over the city, with some obstructed view, so might be some excuse for only getting about 1400 max distance away. That still a long way, just a dark spot in the sky. Video downlink drops out easy, if you don’t have a clear path. Not an FPV drone, and doesn’t do stunts, it’s for video and photos, which it does very well. The camera is all fisheyed like action cameras.

It has a proportional speed adjustment, which tend leave on slowest, no hurry to get anywhere. Fastest isn’t supersonic, probably won’t win any races, keep up with a car in the city either (maybe through a school zone).

Handles a light breeze well. I won’t fly, if the weather service says greater than 10 MPH. 12-15 mph gusts will toss it around some, but the gimbal keeps the video smooth, The drone handles it pretty good, but know it’s working extra hard, probably not good for it’s overall health.

If you want to do video, this is a great choice. If want to do stunts, FPV, or real more interested in the ‘sports’ aspect of drone flying, there are much better choices, this one isn’t the one.

I started out with about 17.5 minute videos, but that was flying until the low battery warnings started getting critical (large message covers the screen). I usually bring it down now, before it warns with the vibrations, last two bars turn orange, 12-14 minutes. I have some obstacles to avoid on the way down into my backyard, and want to avoid the automatic low battery return to home mode (limited steering control), most definitely don’t want it to get to the point were it tries to land itself off property, or just drop out of the sky.

Haven’t experience the no-fly-zone, although I live close enough to OIA (Orlando airport), that commercial flights are low, and on approach. These drones are capped at a 400 ft altitude, which I have tested, and it does stop climbing. FAA has an APP out, that will show you the no-fly-zones, where you intend to fly. These drones have the option to turn off GPS, not sure if that will effect the no-fly-zone, but it will disable the return-to-home, and other “smart” features. The GPS lock, is what helps keep it stable in hovering, and on course when flying, really not a good idea with this drone, not an extreme machine, unless the video you want, is really worth crashing to get…

I’ve owned this model of quad since last august and think it’s a great consumer video platform.

Here’s a video I shot a little while back in a suburban neighborhood using the “smart mode” at the range leash.

I also purchased the “G” model recently, and consider it a fabulous deal. Drone flies well, camera takes excellent photo/video, customer service has been great.

Not sure I would’ve pulled the trigger at $100 more without ever owning a drone before, but definitely would if I needed another one.

does this come with a carrying box?

It’s not listed anywhere in the description or specs, so I’m going to say no.

This great Yuneec quad-copter Typhoon,
may be helpful in finding a lost baboon.
You can look high and low,
and you can look to and fro.
Maybe that baboon went to Cameroon.

Just maybe…

I’m in for one looks interesting, can’t wait for it to arrive!

Got it! it flies great. Was missing a few small parts. Contacted yuneec customer service and had them a week later.