Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon Quadcopter Drone RTF w/ CGO3 Cam

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Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon Quadcopter Drone RTF w/ CGO3 Cam
Price: $479.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Monday, Jul 03 to Thursday, Jul 06) + transit
Condition: Factory Refurbished


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Does this come with the case and second battery? I’m thinking it doesn’t.

It does not.

There is no mention of the remote?
I didn’t even see “remote” on the spec page!

You mean the controller/ground station? It’s called the ST10+ and it’s listed in the title as well as under “In the box” on the specs page. Looks like it also comes with the hand-held steady grip gimbal.

“Yuneec YUNQ4KUS-R Q500 4K Typhoon Quadcopter Drone RTF w/ CGO3 Camera, ST10+ & Steady Grip”

I’d be in for one of these… almost pulled the trigger. Just ticked I missed the previous Yuneec Q500+… hesitated too long. The fact that this one doesn’t have the extra battery or case is the only reason I’m not getting it.

Same! I researched it a bit too long that when I was finally ready to purchase the Q500+ I was too late. It was a far better deal than this one is. Sad I hesitated :frowning:

Agreed, plus the Q500+ was NEW and this one is refurbished

Exactly! I was mad when I missed out on the Q500+ I was just about to order it when it sold out :frowning: This one isn’t anywhere near as good of a deal compared to the Q500+

The 4k camera goes for $569… I know, because I broke mine in a crash, bought a Q500+ bundle instead. The 4k camera is an upgrade, even if you only use it for 1080p (like me). The CGO2 1080p camera is good, but you don’t get the option of using filters, not sure if you can change settings in flight (not something I do, but was a nice option on the 4k).

The aluminum case with the 500+ is nice, but kind of thin gauge, probably not much more durable than the cardboard box, water resistant at least… The styrofoam inserts kill it for me, hate the stuff. Just really cheapens the deal.

Functionally, all Q500 models are the same, parts are interchangeable, it’s just the camera and bundle of accessories that are different.

These are very easy to fly. 20 minutes is a little ambitious, unless you ignore the low battery warnings, and hope to get it back on the ground in the last few seconds. It’s closer to 15 minutes, depending on wind conditions, and how you fly. I’ve never gotten more than about 1400 feet distance, and the camera feed drops out around 600, could just be where I fly. This isn’t an FPV drone, considerable video lag, and stutter (doesn’t effect the recording). The video downlink is more to help line up your video, like a viewfinder on a point and shoot camera.

I avoid the ‘Smart’ mode functions, don’t usually have enough room. Have accidently bump the switch, and not notice, until after I took off, which costs blades, as it will automatically jet off to one side, to get safely away from the controller. You’d think it would refuse to start, if you are standing to close, Not real ‘Smart’…